Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: EQ3 Warehouse Sale

As you may have noticed, we've disappeared. My mom even sent me a text to ask if Grandpa Joe died. I've been working a fair amount, and our evenings have been getting filled right up! We'll keep trying to blog as much as we can, but forgive us if we miss a day - or fifteen - now and then. We do have a bunch of exciting posts planned and during our busy evenings we've started moving forward some of our renovation projects so we'll finally have some updates for you. 

First off, Window Shopping Wednesday. While taking a break from some of our other projects, we got a chance to hit up the EQ3 Warehouse Sale on opening day. It's open through June and we'd definitely recommend it! There's a lot of stuff, and some pretty decent discounts. 

Here's a look at what we saw while we were there (excuse the cellphone quality photos with no editing):

Philip's Photos

At some point we need a new bed frame, ours can probably never be taken apart and put back together again, it's pretty done. Screws are stripped, this last time we had to improvise a bit. Here's a bed frame Philip liked as a replacement. It would look great with our green and ivory duvet!

These chairs are really fun and they have tons of patterns!

We could really use a new living room rug. Ours could be vacuumed every day and still look gross.

These pendant lights were interesting, they have a barrel style in this light that I love!

We thought about buying this dining room table, because it actually shrinks to be a decent size for our basically non-existent dining area. We thought it'd be better to wait till our kitchen is done though and we know how much room we have. 

Cassy's Photos

I am loving this cobalt blue wheely desk. I'd use it as my office console table, 
but I'm aiming for a dresser in that spot for storage.

I loved this light, except for the fact that the light bulb gets put in on the side so it's not as clean looking. It definitely tempted me for the guest room though. 

We've wanted the Boom bookshelf forever, and have never seen it at this sale. This time it was there, along with a new walnut version that we liked even more!

We almost bought this couch, except for the left hand side was slightly darker coloured. No good. It was a neat shape though and would look beautiful in our living room. 

I'd love to lounge on this and read a book. 

We'd recommend you stop in at the EQ3 Warehouse Sale this month, even just for a browse. It's off of Gateway by the MPI, and there are great deals to be had. Let us know if you find anything to take home!