Monday, 26 August 2013

Painting the Town Light Grey...and Mint

Last week we finally got some paint up on our brand new drywalled walls. I am so beyond thrilled with how the bathroom is turning out! After much dispute about bathroom paint colours, we went with a bland and beautiful light grey and it looks amazing. 

We’ve typically bought our paint at Benjamin Moore, but we were on a time crunch and needed to buy a bunch of things at Home Depot so we just decided to make it a one stop shopping trip. We’d heard that Behr paint doesn’t cover well and requires a lot of coats and did find it to be a bit true, but it wasn’t bad enough to regret it. We spent all day Saturday priming and painting ceiling paint, white upon white upon white, but finally Sunday my mom came over and helped us to get started painting with a real colour. We painted the bathroom on Sunday, and then later in the week we got to the guest room which we painted a light mint colour. Finally getting some green into our grey/blue house. 

For reference, as much mine as yours, the bathroom colour is Sterling by Behr and the guest room is Quiet Nest. 

It was hard to find a photo that showed the colour Sterling. It's a light silvery grey, 
the link comes from this blog.

Apparently finding pictures of paint colours is not easy. Quiet Nest was impossible, but when it's lighter out I can take a picture of it. 

So happy to have paint on the walls.

We're working on smoothing out our bathroom floor as we speak, and then the vinyl tile can go down! 

Getting closer and closer!