Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My New Obsession: Podcasts

I have 28 podcast subscriptions on my phone. That includes the fact that I've unsubscribed from a couple today, it's definitely a fluid list. I'm fairly new to podcasts and resisted it for so long. Philip is obsessed. I have found myself resenting his podcast family - especially when it means that he doesn't want to see a movie I want to see because he "heard it isn't that great." I know who you heard that from, and it is from one of your dumb podcast people. Who's more important them or me? Anyway, I caved and I'm officially an addict.

If you haven't tried podcasts, I'd highly recommend it. This sounds dramatic, but if they haven't gone as extreme as to change my life, they've at the very least changed my day to day routines. I used to come home and unwind with a TV show before starting dinner. That routine made me feel very lethargic and it was hard to be motivated to keep going with the evening, especially on days when Philip works extremely late it's easy for the TV watching to spill over until the sun goes down. Now when I'm driving a podcast is playing, by the time I'm home I'm quite into it and it feels strange to sit and listen to it without doing anything...so I do dishes...or I prep dinner/lunches...or I do laundry. Game changer. 

I have drafted this post a few times because I can't decide which/how many podcasts to list - and I'm constantly tempted to name the few that I listened to that day because they're fresh in my mind as podcasts I love. This may be a recurring post theme of which podcasts I'm loving that day. For now, here are 3 that I love!

1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

The Happy Hour has really been something I've found uplifting. Every week Jamie Ivey interviews a fellow female believer about what's going on in their life - they're often women of influence in their community - authors/podcasters/entrepreneurs that also have a strong Christian faith. She's very funny and light, but the talks really make me feel inspired in my walk with God and put me in a great mood. One of my favourite episodes recently was August 3, "Happy Hour #100: Aaron Ivey & Friends" where her husband interviews her. It really gave good insight into Jamie Ivey and made me feel like we were good buds.

2. The Simple Show

Tsh Oxenreider hosts The Simple Show, which I got into because I've been a long time reader of her blog, The Art of Simple. I don't know that I'm full minimalist - in fact I know I'm not - but I love to purge and limit the number of things we have in our home that we don't use. My very favourite episode was one of the early ones I listened to, June 11 "Ep 30: The More of Less with Joshua Becker." In fact after listening to it I requested Joshua Becker's book for my birthday and read it all within a few days of getting it. Such a good book, I'd recommend it to anyone looking to simplify their life.

3. Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids

This was my first podcast I ever subscribed to so I feel like it should be highlighted here. It is hilarious. They tour Canada having live events where brave souls go on stage and read from their diaries/homework assignments/etc. from when they were kids. I often cry laugh. I'll always remember my favourite episode ever from a couple of years ago...the short story the kid had written was called "Breeding Day" and it was about horses on breeding day and the drama that ensues. I told everyone about it at the time and always cried talking about how funny it was. I know my diaries are not something I would want to read on stage, or any of the weird comics my friends and I made, or my agenda books. It's all humiliatingly hilarious. They do come to Winnipeg so look for their events and know that if you speak on stage I may laugh at it on my commute to work some morning in the future! 

If you listen to podcasts, write in the comments about your favourite podcast! I would love to add to my ever growing list of 28 podcasts so far!

Also, if you don't know how to access podcasts on your iPhone, head to the Podcasts app (it's purple). Go to search to search for a specific podcast that you have in mind - go to the Podcasts tab (rather than All or Episodes) and you'll see the podcast listed. Click on it, and click the Subscribe button. From now on whenever there's a new episode it will automatically download onto your phone! You can also go to the Featured tab at the bottom and it'll show you podcasts of different categories that are popular which is a great place to start.