Thursday, 13 December 2012

Learning to Blog

If there's one thing this blog has forced me to do (okay it's forced me to do a lot of things), it's probably become a bit more tech-savvy. I was always pretty good on the computer as a kid, but this is a lot more advanced at times. 

One of my goals is to improve my blog every week. When we started it was sort of on a whim and so since then we've added a lot of features including:

  • Pages like About Us, Take the Tour, and Our To-Do List
  • Weekly polls
  • Icons allowing you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest
  • A blog roll showing some of the other blogs we read
  • List of popular posts with the most reads (for the record our highest ranked post so far is my very first crafting experience at 109 reads). 
  • An ever-changing banner which we're hoping to update every month.
I still have an incredibly long way to go, but I've started dabbling in Photoshop to take my iPhone photos up a notch, and hopefully I'll learn some html at some point so I can add some more features to the blog and have some freedom to customize. Maybe someday the banner will even be designed by me instead of Philip...okay that will never happen. 

Today I added a search feature to the page which allows you to search a keyword and it will find the posts that include it. This should make it easier to find that post you're looking for about our bedroom inspiration, or yard work, or learn more about how I organize my day-to-day tasks

Some other goals for the blog are to start having some guest bloggers (if anyone's interested - let me know), feature some of your houses and renovation projects, and keep up with blogging every day even when it gets tough. I'm also working on creating a page that categorizes all of our posts in an easy to find way so that you can easily see all of the posts about a certain room in our house or a certain type of project. 

We'd love to hear from you about features you'd like us to add to the blog. One thing we have to figure out is why iPhones/iPads can't comment, that's an issue. Any ideas for our January banner update? Features on other blogs that you'd like to see here as well? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments, we love to hear from you.

I try not to have any posts without pictures (add that to the list of goals) so I went on a hunt for a relevant joke/comic to add here...this is so unrelated, but it made me laugh so here goes. 

Another goal: all pictures should have captions. 

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