Wednesday, 16 January 2013

YHL Posers

At last I have the Young House Love book that I've been drooling over since it was released in November! I got it for Christmas...and this is ridiculous, but I for real almost cried.

Anyway...moving on from that.

Philip and I were reading it before bed each night and then we started post-it noting any projects we wanted to try. The hooks on page 145, idea #96 seemed manageable, and we were wanting to hang hooks behind our bedroom door for our robes anyway so we thought we'd try this project.

At first we were definitely at odds with our design concept. I had hoped for a cute patterned background (similar to what was shown in the book) and a solid letter, using white and green primarily. Our duvet is green so I thought bright green hooks or letters could be cute. Philip didn't like that idea at all, but I didn't like his ideas either, he wanted the canvas to stay mostly white. Eventually one of us suggested (I honestly don't remember who - I think it might have been a hybrid of me suggesting a stripe in the shape of an arrow and Philip taking the idea and running with it) painting silver arrow stripes downward (as the hooks will be hanging below) and then painting the letter green.

We started with using Frog Tape (best for crisp lines) to mark an arrow shape on our canvasses.

We painted between the tape with silver paint.
Love how the background looks, simple and pretty.
We painted the letters green with light green sides. They looked okay. In between you see the hooks we are going to recycle from downstairs, just need a little paint!

Halfway through painting the letter we also decided to lighten the green and paint the outsides of the letter the lighter shade. Cool right? Definitely cool, for a 16 year old girl or a college student's locker. Once it was finished, Philip pointed out how juvenile it looked, and now I can't stop seeing it that way either. I actually do still really like the arrows pointing down I think, I like the addition of the metallic, especially since our room turned out much more glam than our inspiration photo had suggested, the metallic would add to that vibe. So we'll see what we do now. We're either going to spray paint over the whole thing white and see how that looks - hoping it's nice like our white clock we bought on our honeymoon. Or, if we don't like that, at least we've got it back to square one and we can add color again if we want.

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