Friday, 18 January 2013

Ikea again...

You may have noticed I wasn't here yesterday, and that's because I'm coming down with the sickness that has been attacking everyone I know. Haven't been out of bed yet today (it's 12:17 pm right now) and am currently hanging out in a pink tank top, underwear, and wool socks. Feeling good is all about looking good people. Anyway, I didn't want to leave you in a lurch, if you've been having trouble getting through your days without our house updates, as I'm sure most people in the world have been. It's a struggle, but if you just keep your mind on other things I'm sure you can cope. Otherwise feel free to email me and I'll give you a daily dose of me talking about our life. Excuse me if this post is ridiculous, I've been feeling kind of out of it.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw this update last night of my Glee on Netflix sickness cure, leggings help too. 
Anyway, back to business. 

We went to Ikea again - surprise! This time is was to get our bathroom furniture/accessories. Just to clear things up, we do not only shop at's just new to Winnipeg and happens to be crazy reasonable so we're jumping on that bandwagon right now. If you have the money, I'd recommend buying your vanity probably at a real kitchen/bath store (cough Norcraft cough), as it's better quality...but Ikea is just too cheap to pass up. 

You'll remember from our post last week, we had our bathroom design all planned with the Ikea cabinetry in place.

Our Ikea bathroom design, courtesy of Adobe Illustrator, and Philip Wiebe. 
We went to Ikea with my parents, and here's a rundown of what we bought:

  1. The Godmorgon Vanity with Odvensik Countertop - the version with 2 square sinks, grey gloss
  2. A Godmorgon Mirror
  3. Lillangen Medicine Cabinet, horizontally hung with aluminum framed glass door
  4. Grundtal glass shelf
  5. Ensen faucets x 2
  6. Lillangen high cabinet with aluminum framed glass door (in the picture above you see the fullen cabinet, when we got to the store it looked too cheap and didn't go with everything, so we decided to go with the lillangen to match the medicine cabinet).
  7. Godmorgon acrylic drawer organizers...I couldn't resist. They're too amazing! Can't wait to get it all installed and show how organized the drawers are when I organize these babies. 
I want to say that's all we bought...but I feel like I could be forgetting something. 

8. I was...the Grundtal toilet roll holder.
9. & the Savern towel hanger.

While we were there, a lady also broke something glass everywhere...and walked away. For shame people, for shame. At least pay for what you broke, or find a sales associate and explain yourself. My mom immediately heard broken glass and assumed it'd be me - no, I was carrying a glass shelf around and it stayed in tact - Success!

If you feel like looking up each thing to see how much we spent - I think it came to around $1300 and something. I might have forgotten more things...but you'll see when it's all installed anyway! 

We also bought a bathtub and shower walls at Dynasty Bath, and we're working on ordering a beautiful new Kohler shower head and bath fixtures. Spoiler alert for Tuesday's "What are you looking forward to most in 2013?" - mine might have to be showering in a normal sized shower, and Philip's might be "my wife having room to shave properly in the shower again." 

Have a great weekend! Anyone else sick? Going to suck it up and help your husband gut the bathroom and shovel the blizzard out of the back lane? 


  1. ugh.. people breaking things... I literally watched a man drop a travel mug on the floor and put it back on the shelf and walk away... I went to investigate, and sure enough he had cracked the thing and part of it flew halfway across the room! I don't understand why people think they can get away with it. At least tell the employees what happened so they can clean up your mess.. especially if it is glass.

    1. If I remember correctly this woman was holding a baby, so at least there's an excuse for accidentally knocking something down...but hopefully that baby doesn't become a criminal now from that bad example.