Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 4: Be Prepared/Take Inventory/Does Everyone Else Have Hand-me-Down Cleaning Supplies?

So you've survived a week of Reclaim 2013 (technically it's only been 3 days...and I haven't really survived...but who's counting). Great job! Last week was hard for me, some of those tasks were a bit intense (ugh cleaning out the fridge), but I think this week will be a bit better because not every area covered is a problem area. I think I might have heavily weighted the front of the month with items that I knew were plaguing me with my procrastination.

As you might have noticed...Day 3 didn't happen. I had big plans to conquer my kitchen cupboards on Saturday but with Philip working in the bathroom with a friend and creating a lot of messy dust and debris all through the house, it didn't make sense to take clean dishes out into the mess. Sunday we were out all day for Super Bowl fun and came home to a bit of a catastrophe related to the bathroom this weekend was just not having it. Instead of trying to power through that today and then move on, I'm going to go ahead and save Day 3: Kitchen Cupboards for the Catch Up Day later in the month and just move right along to Day 4: Cleaning Supplies today. 

As you start organizing areas of your home, you'll want some cleaning supplies handy. Use today to go through your cleaning inventory to make sure you have the goods you need to get 'er done.

If you need the extra motivation..."Be Prepared" from the Lion King is definitely intimidating enough to warrant grabbing your cleaning supplies and doing a quick run through.

I haven't bought a lot of my own cleaning supplies actually, because when we moved into our condo Philip's Oma's supplies were mostly still there...and there was a plethora of them. I keep a basket under my sink, as well as one in the broom closet - and try to segregate items into categories as best I can - the main reason for this is that my two baskets don't fit together in the broom closet or under the kitchen two locations it is! That might change as we renovate things up, but for now it works. I'll admit I don't use half of this stuff though, so today's the day to get rid of whatever is never going to get used, or at least keep it somewhere else so it isn't getting in my way (I don't want to waste good products!).

There wasn't really anything to get rid of here, but I did move some of my extra cleaning supplies to the laundry room. 

Here are my two cleaning baskets!

I use mostly a multipurpose cleaner for a lot of things like cleaning toilets, floors, anything really. I have some bathroom sprays that were hand-me-downs that I use on occasion, Windex for my table, mirrors, windows, that's mostly it! Here's a great resource if you aren't sure which cleaning supplies you should have though:

Tomorrow we'll be tackling entryways. Remember to comment and tell me about your organization progress or instagram your photos! 

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