Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spring Shopping Preview: Urban Barn

One of the new series type blog posts that I'm thinking of venturing into is some online or real time shopping posts. Here I can share some of the great new products I've seen lately that you can check out if you like. 

Philip & I are huge Urban Barn people. I actually avoid it at certain times of day because one of the sales girls always notices us and remembers that we always come in! We have to wear shades when we go there so that we can act mysterious.

Here are some of the things from their "New Arrivals" that I'm digging right now:

This pillow is bright and happy and will look great in our mint guest room
along with a variety of other pillows on our day bed. 
Loving these new canisters in all shapes and sizes. 
I love the wood grain pattern going on here, they also have plates and such,
but that might be a bit much for me. 
I'm loving something about this dresser, and I don't think it'd go out of style or be something you'd get tired of. 
Philip really needs a new office chair...and this floats my boat. 
Nice and simple side table. 
Glass and Chrome, a bit more glamorous but still simple.
Anyone else addicted to Urban Barn and get sidetracked on their way to Regent Superstore? Made any recent purchases there? It's not the cheapest, but things go on sale and the pieces seem to be quality. We haven't actually purchased much there, but definitely love to do some window shopping. What's your favourite accessory/furniture piece on Urban Barn's website right now?

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  1. I love how you say "This pillow is bright and happy and will look great in our mint guest room" as if it's already been bought.
    Or... wait... didn't you go shopping the other day? What don't I know?