Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: Mother's Day Ideas

With May 1st comes a slew of events in our family. Something about August just turns up the fertility apparently. There are lots of birthdays, including my Oma, my sister, Philip's dad, Philip's brother, and Philip!  

I've definitely been keeping my eye out for great gifts to celebrate all of these May babies, as well as Mother's Day. I've finished shopping for Philip, started for Jonathan, but still have my sister and father-in-law to go! 

I thought we'd talk Mother's Day gifts today for our Window Shopping feature, because most of us have Mother's while not all of us have brother-in-law Jonathan.

Each year I buy my mom a book. It's a tradition I started a few years ago, because there aren't tons of things my mom needs, but everyone can use a good book. I like picking out something I think she'll like, and then I write a note in the cover as a keepsake. I started doing the same with Philip's mom as well, because I think it's a nice tradition. I've already got their books picked out and high up in my closet in hiding (psst mother's this is not permission to snoop when you come over!). If you're still looking for a mother's day gift though, here are some ideas.

This cup and saucer set is so sophisticated and feminine. I love the mixes of shades of pink and gold! 

A magazine subscription makes a great gift, and some magazines (such as Real Simple, which I'm partial to and have subscribed to for a few years) even have promotions going on that make them a pretty good deal! 

Tuesday's with Morrie is my very favourite book in the world, and a recommended read. If your mom likes to read like mine does, this would make a great gift. 

If your mom likes to bake, this cookie cutter set from Ikea is about as adorable as it gets. Who doesn't want cookies in the shape of woodland animals? It's also super affordable at 3.99, you could put it in a basket of baking things for a themed gift.

A good old breakfast in bed never ceases to please, and this crepe square with ham and egg looks interesting. Some other things to do for mom: dishes, mop/vacuum, and fresh flowers are good too!

In our family, a scarf goes over really well. With my mom, sister, and I we had tons of scarves - moving out was quite the scarf dividing ceremony. This pretty Spring scarf from Stella & Dot is beautiful.

This card from Smock Paper is delightful, it's beautiful and sure to make your mother feel cherished. 

If your mom has a good sense of humor, this might be right up her alley. Some E-Cards has some hilarious cards, I picked one out for my mom while browsing for one to include here, I'll have to keep you posted on if she likes it!

Hopefully after this you'll be more prepared for Mother's Day (which is only a week and a half away by the way), I think most mom's would be happy with any of these beautiful gifts! I know I'm looking forward to celebrating with my mom's and making sure they know how loved they are. 

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