Wednesday, 28 November 2012

6th Time Is the Charm

Disclaimer: Be prepared for a really long post about wire shelving that is a bit low on pictures and a lot high on frustration and disappointment - just to get you through it, I promise it has a semi-happy ending!

Number 1

This Sunday we went to Home Depot with the purpose of buying some closet shelving for our new and improved Master Bedroom. Little did we know the adventure that was about to unfold.

You should first understand the closet organization shopping experience at a home improvement store, it involves a lot of signs, a lot of directions, and a lot of calculators. 

When we got to Home Depot for the first time (the title is a bit of a spoiler here), we had decided to go with the white wire mesh basic shelving and had begun loading it into our cart. Closet shelving seemed easy to us at the time and we knew basically what we wanted so just went for it. Our closet is 8' wide and about 2' deep, so our original thought was an 8' long wardrobe shelf at the top, a 4' long wardrobe shelf below to allow for some double hanging and some long hanging (I have a dress addiction), and we had also planned to put a narrow shelf at the top for additional storage. 

We started out loading up the shelves, and then we read some signs. They talked of C clips, Back Clips, End Clips, Shelf Supports, etc. Each of which had a different requirement such as use at the ends as well as every 36 inches, use every 40 inches as well as 2 inches from each end, use in between shelves if they will be holding twenty kittens while cooking cornish game hens and singing the theme song to "The Jetsons" - this is almost not an exaggeration. Every single different component was to be used at a different measurement, and came in a bag with a different number that didn't make sense. For example, shelf brackets only come in a bag of one bracket each, while c clips, which you only need a couple of, came in a bag of 20. Very puzzling. 

A list of the necessary hardware needed to mount our shelves.
Math was my favourite subject in high school (can't even explain that one - my favourite food is also broccoli...I'm unique), but somehow in a high stress home improvement nightmare, math can really cause me to become overwhelmed.

So anyway, we got our cart all loaded up and were ready to get out of there, when an employee at Home Depot stepped in to try and upsell us on the special shelves that you can add cool accessories to. We were pretty sure what we wanted, but being nice we didn't shut him down early enough which meant that we were still there when a nice couple walked by and awkwardly announced that Canadian Tire had a better deal and we should go there instead. The employee sort of awkwardly joked it off and we told him we'd shop around a little, so we unloaded our cart and moved on. 

Number 2

Off to Canadian Tire! We very quickly realized that they didn't have what we needed at all at Canadian Tire - don't know what that couple was thinking. One thing we did see there were some pre-made boxes of closets for certain sizes and so that added another factor into the equation - did we want to do it piece meal or buy a box that is already completed with all the hardware we need. More math! What was cheaper??

Number 3

Before heading home for the Grey Cup we figured we had time to stop at Rona just to make our home improvement Transcona tour complete. They had almost everything we needed but were missing one of the sizes of shelves that we wanted. We grabbed some free popcorn and headed back to Home Depot.

Number 4

We snuck the back way up the closet aisle to avoid our new "in training" friend John so that we could get in and out quickly and watch Toronto beat Calgary. We just wanted to see the price on the prepackaged closet kits there so that we could give it some more thought. The boxes cost around $200 so it was very close to the same price as the piece meal way of doing it. So confusing! I was very tempted, but the box didn't have the same amount of shelving we wanted and came with some components we didn't really need, like shoe shelves (which we keep in our front closet for the most part). 

Number 5

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot to get this all over and done with. They didn't have enough hardware (I believe the shelf supports were what they didn't have enough of) at the Regent Home Depot so we were headed to Polo Park. We got there and finally decided what we all wanted - after we got in a bit of a dispute and I had to return to the carpet section for some soothing once again. 

After all of this we decided it made sense to not put an additional shelf way above for extra storage as it would be awkward to get at or put anything sizable on, and we have plenty of storage in our house. It's hard to tell right now because we have stuff everywhere, but we will have a lot more room than we did in our condo once some more of our rooms are usable and things are put away. 

During this trip to Home Depot we finally calculated the difference in price between the box of prepackaged closet and the individually purchased components. With deciding against the top shelf, we would be saving over one hundred dollars and getting the same amount of shelving so it made a lot more sense for us. Definitely won't judge anyone who buys the box though, this experience made me hate closets forever.

We were about to leave when we realized that we weren't so sure we could fit the 8' length in our car. I feel like I can hear your audible groan through the computer as I write this. Somehow we didn't think of it before hand. We decided to go home and eat supper and then head out again with my father-in-law's truck.

Number 6

After filling up on some delicious tacos, we headed to the in-laws to pick up the truck. Little did we know there would be another obstacle, there is a storage box and hitch in the back of his truck so it wouldn't fit in there either. We measured our car and realized we could fit it in our Torrent if we put it in diagonally, so I stayed there and Philip headed out once again. 

A couple hours later and our closet shopping experience was complete, it only took 6 trips and a lot of angry discussions and tears, but we finally have shelves. Now just to install them without any issues. Knock on wood!

It wasn't nearly as easy as this guy makes it sound:

Has anyone else installed wire shelving in a closet recently? Any tips for us? Now just to get through this week, finish our bedrooms, and move in! The caulking is the death of me so wish me luck as I wrap that up and hopefully share about it soon. All of this work is putting us majorly behind on our Christmas shopping, fill in the poll and let us know how prepared you are for the upcoming holiday season!


  1. This is why I hired someone to do my wire shelving throughout the house. lol Money saved isn't worth the headache... there, all the math you'll ever need to know. :)

    1. That can be true! We're trying to be thrifty and as you have seen on our to do list we have a lot of things to accomplish here so every bit of money saved is another project we can get done before we run out of funds lol.

      Also we're trying to learn how to do more things! So far we've done a lot ourselves. Maybe one day we'll be so good at closet installation that we can hire out our services lol.

  2. You should get an IKEA PAX wardrobe!! Its all customizable! (ahha I'm such a sales person!)

    1. Lol ya but we had to use up our closet first. The eventual plan potentially is to knock out our front closet that is currently next to our kitchen, expand our kitchen to go around the corner, and then get a wardrobe for the spot directly across from our front door which we could potentially take with us if we ever move :). Lots of plans up here in this brain! Just have to start getting more things done so we can keep moving forward!