Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I don't know how much Philip's childhood swimming lessons inspirational motto will help us, but we've made a lot of progress, had a lot of determination, and done a lot less swimming this summer than we would have liked due to being busy with the house.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 months since we've updated this blog, we definitely didn't mean to give up on it, but life just got away from us! It's interesting reading the last bathroom update, and about our front doors, because that feels like it was a while ago. This might be a long one, but I'm going to try and bring everyone up to date!

- We can officially go to the bathroom upstairs, which is handy, but we don't have a door...so unless you feel like being really public with your bathroom needs you might still want to use the basement. Let's just say that having no bathroom door isn't my favourite part of our so far. 
- We installed the floor all by ourselves which was exciting! For the most part, Philip & I work as a pretty great renovation squad, we don't normally lash out at each other or disagree too much while trying to get things done...but the floor was definitely trying to challenge that. It was tricky because you have to put the glue on, and then try to position the tile perfectly, and it was just stressful as we got close and tiles were having to be put in so exactly and I was getting emotionally distressed. It looks beautiful though and in the grand scheme of things I'm glad we could DIY that portion of the bathroom. 
- Our lighting and electrical were all completed, our light is so bright and beautiful! It kind of makes the bathroom. I can't decide what my favourite part is yet, but the light definitely helps me see it all!
- We installed our Ikea vanity, medicine cabinet, and tower...as well as bringing in a drawer unit from Kitchens 2 Go to replace the old linen closet. All of the installations went well, and we're so happy with how much storage we were able to cram into such a small bathroom. My favourite part are the Ikea drawers, they're maple and can fit so much! Plus I bought lucite organizers for them which make me really happy. Organizing those drawers was the highlight of my weekend #renolife. 

We're drawing near to the finish line, our plumber will be coming back this week to finish up in the shower, and other than that the major things are having our linen cabinet top sprayed at my work, installing our mirror, and buying and installing a door. After that it's just the pretty touches!

After finding a method soap that coordinates beautifully with our bathroom scheme, we've affectionately themed our bathroom "Silver Birch". 

So that's where we're at bathroom wise! As soon as it's complete I'm planning to do a quick video tour since it's kind of small for picture taking!

Now for a couple of questions for you!

1. We've been debating on interior door options. Philip would love to do frosted glass interior doors, I've seen them at Home Depot and they're beautiful! Plus they don't show much through so privacy isn't too much of a concern. Cons: They are more expensive, breakable with kiddos, and might make people feel less private? Pros: They're interesting and unique, spread light through the house, and look super stunning. What do you think we should do? Also, have you installed an interior slab door (as in, not pre-hung) before? We don't really know what we're doing.

2. We're planning a bathroom launch party when our bathroom is done. Anything that takes this long deserves celebration. Any bathroom themed foods you can suggest?

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