Monday, 26 November 2012

Ikea Sneak Peek!

We were very fortunate to be given some friends & family passes this past weekend to the newest Ikea which is opening in Winnipeg this Wednesday and thought we'd reveal a little bit about our trip!

Ikea is wonderful first of all, Philip goes crazy for it and even though we've already been there and the line ups will be huge, we'll likely go again before Christmas. The biggest perk about going this Saturday was saving 15% which helps when we already knew what we wanted to buy and were very organized! 

We couldn't take as many photos as we'd like because a lot of the displays were really crowded, but we did our best!

Having never experienced Ikea cuisine, we thought we'd start there to have the full experience. Both of us have been to a few Ikea's in our day - I lived in Seattle where we had one, as well as being to Ikea in Minneapolis, Chicago, Calgary, etc. Very familiar with it, but we'd never tasted the meatballs!

The Ikea Restaurant - love the white accessories everywhere!

Philip eating some delicious Swedish meatballs.
 A couple of things to note if you plan to visit this new Ikea on Wednesday:

1. Poor cell reception, make sure you don't lose your companions!
2. If you are going to buy soda, be prepared for a long arm stretch. A man with long arms must have designed that because I'm 5'10" and had to go on my tip-toes to fill our cups with some Pepsi.
3. The cart wheels all turn, all four of them, it was amazing.

Other than that I had nothing bad to say! It was a great experience and a very well designed store.

After eating, we went straight into the showroom and began the hunt. We had a list of what we wanted to buy, and we stuck to it pretty well so that was good!

A photo showing the amazing shopping carts. Philip was in love. 

Can't wait to have a new kitchen in our house...we're thinking white and something like this would definitely be alright with me!
Mint dishes - mint is the new best colour ever.
Kind of digging this tile.

Really cute salt shaker! Parents: add this to your Christmas list of things to buy for me. Also, those hand scratches are from installing trim this weekend. Yay for home improvement scars!
Inglis lives! We've replaced our Inglis Liberator Plus appliances, but apparently Inglis is still a top choice by Ikea!
I was kind of digging these colourful buckets, not sure what I would do with them but I'll think of something!

Can't wait for Spring time when I can buy these beautiful white pots!
Trying to squish Philip into this photo of our completed shopping cart!
We ended up buying:
Plus the 15% off saves us $30 to be used for something else! We may go back for more soon, but this was all we intended to buy so we tried to stick to it and not go impulse shopping. So proud or our will power.

Hope you'll have a chance to go to the new Ikea soon if you're local and we'd love to hear about your finds as well! Stay tuned later in the day to hear about the poll results and launch of the next poll. 

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