Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fall Update

For those of you following along on our updated to-do list, Fall is officially over tomorrow! With Philip doing his usual Friday post (one suggested title for these days is Filip Phriday - I'm a fan) I thought I'd write this post one day early, Fall Completion Eve. 

Let's take a closer look at the original list for Fall:

Fall 2012 (September-November)

Get HVAC inspected for the winter
Look into having boiler system and air conditioning system replaced with furnace and central air
Cut Insurance Rates
Silicone exterior cracks
Repair front steps
Have electrician address electrical issues
Correct other inspection issues
Present evidence of repairs
Bedrooms/Living Room
Remove old trim/baseboards
Convert outlets to properly-grounded three-prong
Replace windows
Install new trim/baseboards
Move out of basement
Fall Clean Up
Remove vines and trees from right side bushes
Remove circular flowerbed and seed
Empty rain barrels and store, redirect eaves troughs
Till the vegetable garden to prepare for sod
Seed open spaces
Turn off water to outdoor hose
Bleed radiators and reserve tank

Some of the things on this list have changed, but we actually did pretty well. 

Looking back, at the beginning of September when our Fall list commenced, we were living in our finished basement with our spidery friends, with plans to finish a bedroom and move upstairs. That changed to gutting the basement, replacing the HVAC system, and moving into the unfinished guest room upstairs in the interim. We had a pretty small list, but it became pretty big. 

We have a couple of last minute things to complete over the weekend (we actually did change the outlets and plugs already in the bedrooms a while back but haven't written about it yet and need to take pictures so maybe we'll change a plug in the living room just to provide a better step-by-step). You'll also notice on the more up to date to-do list that we didn't repair the front steps yet, it was shuffled down to a later date as Winter is here in full swing and it just isn't ideal for right now. 

Soon we'll finally be done enough things to invite a solid group of people over, already found the invitation.

Our blog was started on October 29, 2012 and so far we have published 27 posts (including this one). Here are some of the things we've covered:

  • New to the whole having a yard thing, there were a couple of posts about learning to cope with yard work - including this post and this post. I also apparently had a few things to learn about the indoors.
  • I got crafty as a domesticated house wife, learning to do things like use craft paint here and here. I also found inspiration through the ancient ways of library browsing
  • Carpet and walls were taken down for good in the basement to make room for our new HVAC system - Philip shared that with you here and here
  • Beginning our master bedroom and office renovations, we've shared our progress in this post, this post, this post, and this post
  • Our house was beautified with brand new clear windows.
  • Inglis Liberator Plus retired from our home to be replaced by my beautiful new LG high efficiency washer and dryer (in love). 
  • We learned about blogging, including adding a new page, and messing up big time *cough* Philip *cough*. You also learned about my inability to use a measuring tape, ruler, or any other measuring utensil.
  • While you learned more about us, we've started learning more about you through polls like this and this.
  • We tackled one of the worst projects ever of patching the ceiling, and the walls too. Keeping that trend going, Home Depot delivered the excruciating experience of purchasing closet shelving. Just to keep sane during all of that, we took a trip to Ikea a couple of days before the grand opening. 
I tried to link to every post here, hopefully I didn't miss any - but if I did feel free to use the archive tool on the side and start reading from the beginning! I'll review our upcoming Winter to-do list on Monday and hopefully it isn't too overwhelming. 

On a side note, we're going to extend the poll until Tuesday in order to start a new polling tradition which we're quite fond of so tomorrow there will just be the one post from Philip - with two to look forward to next Tuesday, Dec 4. 

Thanks again for reading! We've really enjoyed blogging so far, and can't wait to see some of the stories we'll be able to share as our house really begins to take shape. 

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