Tuesday, 20 November 2012

They've Arrived!

No, I'm not referring to Katie Bower's baby which was born late Sunday and which has been the main thing happening in my blogging life this weekend (super exciting and it even creeps me out a little how much I was into this woman who I don't know giving birth), but rather I'm referring to my beautiful washer and dryer that I ordered back in the day, and gave you a sneak peek of yesterday.

They were delivered Saturday while we were making our pine cone craft, beautiful LG high efficiency graphite colouring...pure wonderful. My parents showed up out of the blue to help out with setting it all up. My dad was able to get the washer set up no problem, but the dryer didn't have the right outlet for the newer dryer, and the ducting didn't fit. We also had to replace the ducting anyway because our previous system included the flexible plastic ducting that used to be en vogue and is now understood to be a bad idea. 

But now we've got such an efficient, and aesthetically pleasing system. Philip's dad came over to help us out yesterday and I am now able to wash and dry our clothes! I've never been so in love with doing laundry, let me tell you.

Our new LG electric steam dryer and top-loading washer.

On another note, this week we're hoping to get all of our painting and trim done in the master bedroom and office. The patching is proving more difficult than we'd anticipated, so we're using some courage wolf for motivation.

Wish us luck! We'll hopefully have an update on the patching tomorrow, and then on to telling you about our painting progress! It's a big week for us.

One other update: Our furnace was inspected yesterday and passed! Yay for safe heating!

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