Monday, 19 November 2012

Tree Droppings Reinvented

Last month, you saw as my friend Brittany & I made our very own Pinterest inspired craft, chevron art prints. We had such a great time making them that we decided to try and make a new DIY project each month. 

With Christmas approaching quickly, we decided to start creating some Christmas decorations. They were inspired by Pinterest projects such as...

Gold, Red, Green, Chocolate Brown Pinecones give a warm Christmas vibe.
These jewel toned pine cones are really fun, and the idea of putting them into a vase is what I was going for.
I love these colours for Christmas, sort of icy/snowy and soft.

After stomping through my snow filled yard seeing if we might have any pine cones, I gave in to buying some at Superstore for $6, Brittany and I split them for $3 each so overall it was a pretty thrifty craft. To fill a pretty large vase, it required about 13 pine cones and the bag I had came with 25.

Very strongly scented cinnamon pine cones from Superstore.

Some sites recommended dipping, but we didn't have the quantity of paint to make that feasible so we went ahead and painted them by hand with a small paint brush. They didn't turn out perfectly covered, but good enough!

It was tricky to hold on to them when painting, but it turned out okay and this fun blue colour adds some vibrancy to the pastels that I chose for the rest of the pine cones.

I happened to have pink and purple paint on hand from the splatter painted chevron art project mentioned above, so I went with the more pastel theme as seen above. I also borrowed some of Brittany's blue paints. She went with a white and silver theme, which I have to admit I am super jealous of, so rustic and Christmas-y! 

Brittany's silver and white pine cones turned out beautiful, and a little rustic because she didn't paint the insides.

Side by side it's fun to see how two different projects can be created from the same product.

I do still really like how mine turned out though with the nice bright colours, almost a mix of the last two ideas I pinned. Hopefully the blue pine cones also bring the girl-ish factor down a little bit and make them a little more Philip friendly, and maybe even a little more baby Jesus friendly as Christmas is a boy's birthday anyhow.

The finished product, on a paper plate.

I haven't found all of my vases yet from unpacking, and so for now my pine cones are hanging out in this serving dish on my coffee table. I have to admit I do like them there!

With my glass candy dish shaped like a present, my coffee table tray is looking pretty festive!
On a final note, here's a sneak peek at the washer and dryer that arrive Saturday! We haven't hooked them up yet so we'll let you know once that happens how well they work!

Have appliances ever looked this beautiful?

Anyone else thinking Christmas-y thoughts yet? Started shopping? Tried making anything from Pinterest yet? I'm definitely not crafty, but I feel like I'm getting there slowly but surely! Also a reminder to submit your vote to this week's poll about blog reading, thanks to those who entered last week's poll, see the results here.


  1. What an awesome idea Cass! Both sets turned out really well. You should make some for me :)

    1. Thanks Kayla! They were so easy to make you could make some yourself :). Maybe for your birthday lol best gift ever - here's some pine cones.

  2. I really love how colourful yours turned out, cass :) Time to look for decembers craft now...I think I have like a million ideas already lol

    1. I want to make lots of crafts for December so that my house is decorated for Christmas this year :).