Thursday, 8 November 2012

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Well I'm counting the indefinite days until our new washer and dryer arrive. The delivery day keeps changing, it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday and now it might not be until sometime next while I wait I thought celebrating mourning the loss of my old ones might help me to cope.

The old washer and dryer were from the 70's and somehow lasted 30 years before I came in and broke them in the first week. They aren't technically broken, but the dryer stopped being able to close and the washer doesn't always drain the water properly. They could have continued to function a little longer but definitely not efficiently. It was extra hard to get used to them because we had brand new ones at the condo and had definitely become washer/dryer snobs. I still promise I didn't break them on purpose just to get new ones.

Goodbye old friends.

I'm really looking forward to the new beauties coming in, check back for the reveal! 

As an update, our to-do list has quite a few things crossed off now you can keep up with where we are at on this page which I've tried to keep updated. I've shuffled some things around this week to be more accurate to our current plan, for example some of the yard work items just aren't realistic to get done anymore this year, but things like the laundry and bathroom are moving up.  What items are you scrambling to get done for Fall? Anything we should be doing this year that we don't know about as new homeowners? We appreciate the help!


  1. Update: We sold the washer but not the dryer, and when they came to pick it up, it was a man and a woman, both in their 40s, and me. No dolly, just 3 people against this awkward rectangular hunk of metal. Not fun getting that up the stairs. But worth $100 for 15 mins of discomfort? Yeah, probably.

  2. Ya, definitely. I was very nervous about the arrangement so hopefully it works out and we can sell our dryer too :).