Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pro Packers

Well, with our bedroom and office renovation projects coming to a close, I've started to take a peek into some of the boxes that we packed before the move. It's a little bit ridiculous, but this is probably the first permanent unpacking we're doing! We've lived here since the end of August and have already slept temporarily in two different rooms and most things in our house are not in their real spots. This is finally going to come to an end!

Our moving strategy at the condo involved packing a lot of things up before the open house happened so that our condo looked a little more clutter-free and it also enabled us to pack easier afterwards as most of the things that we didn't use on a regular basis were already packed up. 

What this created was a disaster for unpacking. When we were deciding to sell, we started slowly accumulating boxes and packing them up. This basically involved me scrambling through the condo looking in each room for things we don't use regularly, I'd put them in a box nicely, and then if there was room left look around for something that would fit. That means there are boxes that contain things from all different rooms and uses, it makes absolutely no sense. 

You won't even believe what's all in this box. I had no idea.

An example of a real boxes contents: 

  • 2 empty clear cosmetic bag type things (not sure where these are from or what I will use them for )
  • A box of blank cards made by Philip's company to commemorate the President's 35th Anniversary with the company, the front of the cards is a picture of "Eyebrow, Saskatchewan"...I had never read this before...but I am not joking that it says that on the back. Photo proof included.
Prairie photo of Eyebrow, Saskatchewan...when Philip comes home I may convince him that we should move there. 

In case you didn't believe it.

  • One picture of us, no frame, nothing protecting it...just a photo.
We care so much for our belongings, this photo is a real survivor for making it in this box with no protection. 

  • A bundle of leftover thank you cards from our wedding, I still have to find a use for these.
  • A miniature Chicago Bulls basketball - we have a hoop somewhere, but apparently it didn't make it into this box.
  • Some tiny green klompen gifted to me by a friend who travelled to Holland (for those who don't know this - I'm 100% Dutch and quickly being outnumbered by Mennonites). 
  • Some kind of game system controller, I don't know what for (remind me to ask Philip what it belongs to). 
  • Bride and Groom rubber duckies that someone brought to our wedding - so cute!
Can't wait to play with these in our remodeled bathroom when the tub becomes less peach and more usable. 

  • 2 wooden cars that Philip made as a kid.
  • A Psalter Hymnal, a lot older than the one you can buy on Amazon.
  • 2 German dictionaries (Philip speaks German). 
  • Delft blue tea light holder (with a tea light floating around in it), a doily, and a small porcelain rabbit from Russia - all of these belong to Philip's Oma who gave them to me at one of my wedding showers. 
  • An ipod arm band still in the package. 
  • A photo album that has never been filled, but does have some pictures floating loose in there from high school days. 
  • Floral picture frame with a photo of Philip & I at Niagara Falls in it.
  • Small wooden picture frame with a photo of Philip's Oma Wiebe.
  • Small picture frame with a photo of Philip's brother Jonathan.
  • A two photo picture frame, with one photo in it. 
  • Philip's University of Manitoba student ID.
  • Bulletin from my infant baptism at Second Christian Reformed Church in Ontario. 
Cassondra Ann Laninga, in the womb.

  • Very difficult to identify ultrasound photos of me (at least that's what I'm told...)
  • A couple of photo albums, one is Winnie the Pooh, from when I was in elementary school.
  • The book, "Marsupial Sue" by John Lithgow.
  • Empty Class of 2007 Graduation picture frame (I graduated from high school in 2007 - just need to put a photo in this!). 
  • A photo of Philip's Oma & Opa in a frame.
  • ID passes from our honeymoon cruise. 
  • An "I'm a Girl!" ID card provided by Ross Laboratories from my hospital stay at birth.
  • An old digital camera from a previous boyfriend which we never really use as our iPhones probably take better photos.
  • A pedometer. 
  • White binder filled with Philip's Eastview Link's that he was a part of publishing (church magazine). 
  • Travel case for my mini chi straightener and hair dryer. 
  • One leaf.
I want to pretend we packed this intentionally.

Wow. That was way more legendary than I'd expected (oh boy, I've watched too much How I Met Your Mother this week - I've been pretty sick since Saturday). Now I have to find places to put all of this stuff. Later this week we'll have to post an update on our reno's! Yesterday we finished up the floor, trim, and touched up some paint, time to move some furniture in and get settled! Don't forget to answer our poll this week!


  1. The controller looks to be for a Playstation... lol

    I do not look forward to unpacking my boxes. My house was packed up much the same way for the first few days and then turned into just throwing everything left randomly. Very unorganized.

    1. I started writing a comment back to this the other day but then my computer died and I forgot about it later!

      The controller has been identified as a controller for some kind of computer game.

      It's an adventure for sure, get excited! I'm already pretty much done...okay not quite.