Thursday, 10 January 2013

Doesn't It Give You Nightmares?

Yes, that is a question we were asked about our new bedroom ceiling light fixture, and no it doesn't - we LOVE it! 

The light was one of the main things influenced by our original bedroom inspiration, we wanted something interesting and textured, and we definitely got it. 

Philip actually found this light online and I was excited about it automatically after seeing it in the master bedroom of my I-know-them-but-they-don't-know-me best friends the Petersik's.

The Maskros light from Ikea is looking fabulous with John & Sherry's gradient dresser!
The light is huge, 22" in diameter, and the little paper flowers cast shadows everywhere. That's one lesson that we learned - while the Rona bulb we slapped in there to save us a trip to Ikea was a lot brighter than the Ikea bulb, it made our bedroom look like a teenage girls disco paradise. 

John & Sherry provide great step-by-step's for their light fixture assembly process so definitely go check that out if you're wanting to buy this light from Ikea. The only thing that we did differently was we didn't cut the wire to hang it shorter. Philip apparently inherited a mom's ability to pack everything into the suitcase efficiently, because he got that wire coiled up in there really easily and it seemed to make more sense if we ever move the light fixture to a different room or want it hanging lower for some reason. We had to hang it fairly high, which also makes for more shadows, and I learned this morning that it prevents me from doing a nice duvet wave when making the bed. There is no lifting up and flapping onto the bed nicely anymore, have to go around and arrange it all because I will hit the light. Last night I kicked it by accident too, but that's okay just have to be careful! 

Our bedroom doesn't look that put together in this photo,
but just pay attention to the light!
The shadows are a bit much, but since switching out the bulb
it's a lot more tame.
Loving our new light fixture! We have a few things left to complete in that bedroom before we can do a final reveal, so look forward to that! 

Anyone else have the Maskros light? Love it or hate it? I think it's one of those things that you can either really like or cannot understand how anyone would like it. I guess because it's so big and crazy. We already decided if we decide we don't like it after a while it would be cool in a kids room or something, so that's always an option. Light fixtures are a nice and easy upgrade for any room, it didn't take that long and it wasn't crazy expensive. 

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