Monday, 7 January 2013

A Family Tradition & Quick, Easy DIY

This is a super easy project, and can even save you money if you are a gift tag person. It's a great thing to do as you clean up your Christmas decorations.

Philip's family has a long-standing tradition of reusing the gift tags on their gifts. There is always one gift under the tree with a gift tag on it from my father-in-law to my mother-in-law which has been around for all 35 years of their marriage. It's a neat and simple tradition, but my problem was that I didn't want to buy a bunch of gift tags as these gift tags are going to be around for years, you don't want them all to be the exact same or it would be kind of boring.

I decided to cut gift tags out of my Christmas cards to use next year. It made me feel less bad about recycling the beautiful and thoughtful cards we'd received from friends and family this year, and it saved me money on gift tags. Also there were some really lovely Christmas designs on them, so I have a ton of unique gift tags for next year now! I'd recommend cutting out the pretty snowflakes or ornament decorations, rather than a picture of your close friend smiling with their dog...but it's really up to you - you have all the creative license on this one.

Just realized that I already packed them up and they're at the very bottom of my Christmas I don't have a picture for you, but I bet you can imagine it.

It was definitely one of the easier Christmas-clean-up projects I worked on...on Friday while cleaning up Christmas decorations I broke one ornament, and while washing dishes the same day smashed a glass in the sink. #getmeawayfrombreakables

When did you put away your Christmas decorations? My aunt had them all put away by the time her kids woke up on Dec 26, while I procrastinated a bit more and put them away on January 4. Maybe you still have them up and are enjoying the Christmas cheer a little longer.

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