Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Saving Money Erryday

While the goal of this blog is to share home improvement projects and diy, most of you will know from the About Us page that I stay at home...which means that we can use every dollar we can find on the sidewalk.

I thought that it would be helpful to share some of the ways that we earn a bit of extra cash. 

Time is something that I do have, so I can fill out surveys like a champ. The site I've been a member of longest is and through it I've earned already a couple of Starbucks gift cards. There are also Ipsos surveys, Cash Crate, Inbox Dollars, and countless other sites where you can fill out surveys to earn money or gift cards (some of these I only discovered this week - so don't hold me accountable if they aren't the best! I have been part of e-rewards for probably 5 years or more though and have received gift cards from them in the mail so I can definitely vouch for it). 

Another great thing that I discovered last week (my mom saw it on a local morning show), is Checkout51. It's an iPhone app (soon to come out for Android) which provides coupon offers each week. If you buy the products, you just have to take a picture of your receipt and your account gets credited. Once you've earned $20 you can request a cheque! I've been a member for one week, and already earned $2.50. 

Does anyone else have some great money saving tips? You've already learned about our budget, and so this is another little thing that I can do to earn us some free date nights - I do prefer gift cards because it seems less complicated (not as easily confused with income for tax purposes) and it gives us some date nights that don't hurt our wallet. 

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the first day of February - Junk Drawer - a day early so that's something to look forward to. Before starting the challenge, look over the calendar and make sure to make any changes you want, as well as get an idea of some of the improvements you'd like to make to the areas listed. 


  1. One thing to note is that, often, sites like e-Rewards are viewed as giving away free things. They're not. They're compensating you for your time, and in that sense, even if it takes you a dozen 20-minute surveys to get a $20 Starbucks gift card, you're essentially getting paid $5/hr. So these sites can be good if you're fitting them in between other things and like surveys. But if you don't, think about whether you'd accept a job that advertised a salary set at half of minimum wage.

    1. This is true, but if you're going to be staying home making no money anyway - why not get a few things for not that hard of work.