Monday, 28 January 2013

February Kick Off

January is ending this week and many of you like me are probably thinking, wow that happened fast, we're already 1/12th through a year that just started! February is a short month, and so before we start feeling like time is going by and we aren't getting anything done, I thought that together we could be motivated to tackle some major projects. I've come up with 28 tasks to complete in this upcoming month, one a day, and I hope you'll join me in getting them done. Whether you want to follow my list (the items are pretty generic), or come up with your own 28 things, I think this February could be just what's needed to keep the resolutions on track and not let the year get away from us too quickly.

Here's a calendar (click to enlarge) outlining what I'm planning to tackle around my house, and I'll share a bit about it each day as I hopefully accomplish the items. If sharing this publicly can't motivate me I don't know what can. If you also participate, let me know in the comments or email me! I'd love to hear the stories of what you did to transform your space during the month of February.

I thought I'd give a heads up about this early in the week so you can consider participating and sign up by Friday when February 1st begins! If the calendar is hard to see let me know and I can email you a copy of the document, or you can just follow along each day as the posts go up.

The weekend posts will just be combined across Friday/Monday - so this Friday I'll talk about the Day 1, 2, 3 items, and so on. Each day I'll share instructions and insights into the tasks, as well as a look at how I accomplished them and before/after photos when possible.

Thanks for following along and hope that we can work together to conquer 2013 one motivating month at a time! 

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