Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: EQ3

Welcome to Window Shopping Wednesday
Over the long weekend, between having a belated Valentine's date lunch at Joey (be mine, California Chicken Club) and picking up my mom at the airport, we had the opportunity to stop in at EQ3 Polo Park. Here are some of the great items we found - but didn't take home!
(Oh, and check it out: Philip made our little weekly event its own logo. So cute and pink!)
Now, back to the lusting over overpriced decor being totally content with the things we have! (While admiring a few things that reflect qualities we appreciate.)

Don't be surprised if we come home with this when we renovate our kitchen/dining area. We were both crazy about it. Our dining room at the condo also had an EQ3 barrel light, but this was definitely tugging on both of our heartstrings. Also last night - I guess I must have been thinking about this post - I had a dream about this light. It was mixed in with nightmares about hospital catastrophes, but at some point during  the madness I bought a knockoff of this light at Costco, but then it turned out it was more expensive! Talk about a nightmare.
If I didn't live with a boy and could have all pink and purple glasses...
this is where I'd start...
This might be showing my lack of green thumb, but I am totally loving the idea of these herb cutting scissors. They have 6 blades so you can easily just chop away! 
I really like the subtle pattern on this pillow.
Maybe another daybed addition.

This last piece is no where near a new arrival, Philip & I have been wanting it for 2 years...but it's a bit more than we can justify spending. The shelves are all angled differently so it looks like an optical illusion a bit close up.
What's your favourite? Done any recent shopping at EQ3? Our entertainment unit and coffee table are from there, making a good mix between splurges and cheap finds in our living room. 

After this next week we don't have any Window Shopping Wednesday's in the hopper, any stores you'd like to see us explore? A weird number of sites don't have online shopping options - Crate and Barrel, Ten Thousand Villages, Pier One Imports, Superstore, etc. so I'll have to make some journeys - which could be dangerous on the wallet. Today I'm going to Ikea again so maybe I'll take a few photos. Hope you're enjoying this new series and it's inspiring you in your own home design pursuits!


  1. I've seen glasses similar to those at Winners. In fact I picked up some blue ones for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas. Cheap too.

    1. Isn't that the thing? EQ3 has cool stuff, but it's pretty darn pricey. Our best hope of having something like the Boom Bookshelf is either buying a cheap Billy from IKEA and modifying it or buying the lumber ourselves and starting from scratch.

  2. We need a better image of the Boom Bookshelf (like I liked it a lot when I thought all the shelves were crooked. Now that I know it's an illusion? Love it all the more.