Thursday, 28 February 2013

Unhouserelated DIY

This is slightly off topic, but is still DIY so I figured I'd share it. Plus it's a real money-saver which we can all use!

Yesterday I cut Philip's hair, something I started doing about a year ago and we've kept going ever since. For those of you who have a husband/boyfriend who spends $20 every couple months on a less than extraordinary haircut, here's how you can change that.

This was how long Philip's hair was when we first started dating...agh. 

1. Buy Clippers. 
I bought ours at Winners for $16.99, it's probably not the best one ever - it doesn't seem super powerful, but it does the job and pays for itself in one use so even if it doesn't last us forever it still was worth the money. You can find it in the gift section at Winners, in between the sauna suits and the iphone cases (this is not an exact description of where it is, just examples of some of the wacky things that are also sold in this section), feel free to pick up a nose hair trimmer while you're there. 

2. Prep. 
Philip usually gets his haircut shirtless - scandal! - and then you can use a cape if your clippers came with them (ours didn't but my parents did), or like we did yesterday we just put a sheet around him which worked out pretty well and then we just washed it after. We also got a garbage bag ready which Philip held while I cut so that when there were big chunks I could throw them straight out instead of having to vacuum it all up after. 

3. Choose a Length. 
The first few times I cut his hair we started with a longer length and worked our way down slowly until we knew what length he liked so that we wouldn't accidentally go too short. Now we just go straight for #2. It looks good and only takes a couple weeks to grow in a little so it makes sense to us to go pretty short. 

4. Cut Cut Cut
I just do the whole thing the same length, because I'm not coordinated enough to do different lengths and have it look good - I couldn't even do my own ponytail until high school, so I'm not about to try and do a fancy haircut. It looks good on Philip though so it works for us. 
Once I'm done we look in the mirror for anything that looks off, I trim around his ears and neck and we're good to go!

5. Clean Up
Vacuum, shower, etc. 

6. Routine
One thing we haven't got down yet is making this a regular occurrence  this last haircut was needed for a very very very long time, and it makes it a lot harder to cut because the clippers get caught up in thick long hair so I have to go over it a bunch, if we did it every month or so it would be so easy to maintain. This one we also held off a bit because Philip was afraid his head would get cold walking to the bus and everything, but it's starting to warm up so we figured it was worth it. 

Post Haircut Philip Wiebe

So that's how you can save $10/month or so on haircuts! It's easy enough and so convenient because Philip never needs to head out to the hairdresser. Also it only took about half an hour which isn't too bad. 

Anyone else cut their own hair? More money saving beauty tips? 


  1. Wow! He's super handsome! Is he some kinda movie star?

    1. Yeah, super hawt!
      -Also definitely not Philip

    2. Oh stop it, you're making me blush!