Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sparks and Recreation

This week, there weren't as many articles that I found to share, but these four are a good representation of quality over quantity. 

The first is another example of simple living and finding ways to do things yourself at home with ingredients you already have. 

This next article is a new homeowner's guide, with a lot of great tip on home maintenance. 

If you`re looking to add some character to your home, this door trim tutorial is really helpful. I love Craftsman style homes, especially exteriors. 

This last article provides just the inspiration you need to put together your beginning of Spring party. It has a bunch of menu ideas for buffet style/make it yourself dining that can be really fun in a group. 

Hope you had a great week, I try to provide links to a variety of topics that might be of interest to our readers - DIY topics ranging from home improvement, to beauty, to money saving tips. Let me know in the comments what types of articles are your favourite or you'd like to read more about here and I'll do my best to oblige!

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