Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: The New Target!

Canada recently got on the Target bandwagon, and Winnipeg was no exception. Philip and I scheduled in a visit on Saturday so that we could feature it in today's Window Shop. However, it was so busy and crazy there that I felt like a hooligan taking pictures, so it just didn't happen. 

We can tell you a bit about our experience though! Here are four things we noted:

1. While I love Target and make a mandatory stop-in with every United States adventure, our visit was pretty anticlimactic. I think it's similar to what Ikea was like when it first opened, there were too many people, things were picked over, staff is brand new and have a bit of a learning curve, and it's just not looking its best. In a month or two, I think it'll be a great place to shop. 

2. Love the house stuff. Nate Berkus and Threshold are both great lines and have a lot of items that I'll be drooling over. There are lots of reasonably priced baskets, pillows, and other decor items that will probably find their way into our home at some point. 

3. We've noticed that Superstore and Walmart draw drastically different crowds. They're both great places to shop for bargains, they're right next to each other on Regent, but somehow less people in pajamas visit Superstore. I'll have to do more studies on this, but it's definitely something that we've observed. Target was attracting both crowds since it's brand new, so it was interesting to mingle with the pajama people.

4. From looking online, I think that there are going to be more of the US's coupon policies in place at Target which might bring an influx of extreme couponers to our midst. This is kind of interesting to me, if I take some time I'll have to find out how great the coupon options are there. I don't think I'll ever be much of a couponer because when I get fliers and such on Thursday's in great abundance in our mailbox I always insta-recycle them, because I just don't feel like sitting on the couch flipping through fliers. Target's website has a coupon page that provides all the coupons for your province, and you can select which ones you'd like to print. Might be worth checking out. I skimmed their coupon policy and they'll accept both a Target coupon, and a manufacturer's coupon, where as a lot of our grocery stores won't accept manufactorer's coupons (talking to you Costco!). 

So that was the Target experience. Who's been? What did you think?!?

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