Thursday, 16 May 2013

Aw Crap

This past weekend was a saga that can only be described as crappy. It ended with us spending 2 nights at my parents, because of a literally crappy situation (disclaimer: the word crap is sure to be used a lot in this post) in our basement. To start at the beginning...

It was exactly like this...except not at all.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon

Saturday morning was a great day, we had eggs for breakfast and relaxed, and then headed out to go shopping (Target & Home Depot, it was a dream come true) and then out for dinner. Wonderful Saturday. Until...

Saturday Evening around 8 pm

We came home. I went downstairs and noticed our laundry didn't finish completely, so I restarted it (sometimes it unbalances and you have to rearrange things). Then I went to go to the bathroom. It wasn't a good situation in there. The toilet had overflowed while we were out. It had been having issues for a while, so we just assumed it ran and ran while we were out and then overflowed. The cleaning process began...

Saturday Evening around 8:10 pm

Gloves. Check. Bucket. Check. Cleaning Product. Check. Mop. Check. Rags. Chyup. I dove in. A little while in, while mopping, the water works began - this time from my face. I bawled. It was so gross, Philip was trying to be encouraging, but nothing was helping me to face the situation of mopping up crap and hating it. I began to feel so discouraged, our house has had a lot of surprises and our renovations keep having setbacks, and I just started to cry while mopping up grossness. Bless Philip's heart for sticking with me even when I'm crazy...

Saturday Evening around 9 pm

We had it almost clean as the washing machine began to drain. The toilet bubbled. We started panicking. Bailing out water and throwing it outside. The washing machine couldn't be stopped. That's when we realized this was more than an issue with the toilet, a piece of cucumber even surfaced...

While fresh and delicious...this is not what one expects to find in the bathroom.

Saturday Evening around 9:45 pm

After cleaning up a second time, we called my parents and asked if we could have a slumber party with them as we didn't have a working toilet anymore. On Sunday the plumber made time out of his Mother's Day to come take a look. On Monday Rocket Rooter came to clear our pipes of a shopping bag full of roots (We'd highly recommend them, a lot cheaper than other companies in the city and provided great service). 

Not a fun day, but we got through it. It's likely we'll be on a schedule of having a root removal company come out every couple of years, so we'll have to add that to the budget, but it's good to have it dealt with. Very thankful for our parents who helped us out this weekend! My parents for hosting us, and Philip's parents who opened up for the technician while we were both at work. 

& They All Lived Happily Ever After, The End

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  1. I just hate how this kind of stuff pops up (or overflows out, in your case) and takes you off track of the projects you want to be working on. It feels like one step forward and two steps back.