Friday, 16 November 2012

Poll Results

Well the ballots are in, before we get into it though, we thought we'd share our answer to this question.


I picked Elegant because my dream house is the house from Clue, and if you have a ballroom, I'm pretty sure you skew elegant. (I'll have to put together a Friday post someday about this; I prefer a pretty literal approach to Clue house design, save for the huge hallways, and yes, I've spent time researching secret passageways.) I was just in the Ralph Connor House over the weekend taking photos with my brother's wedding, and that was pretty cool, although it doesn't quite compare with Toronto's Casa Loma (probably the coolest house I've actually been in).

But my compromise with Cass is contemporary, whose light simplicity I recognize seems like a big departure from the oft-ornate and visually rich nature of more elegant tastes. You see, my love of the latter stems from my love of history and literature, with its majestic hearths in wood-panelled libraries (where pulling at a specific book may cause a certain bookcase to swing open).
...of course, the book you pull out has to have a name like Through the Hidden Door or The Secret Passage.

But my love of contemporary style stems from my graphic design experiences and love of mathematical precision. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, "perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." And since contemporary is more compatible with Cass' tastes, I'm happy to explore designing our home in that way.

Until the financing comes through on my Clue house, of course.


While I definitely have primarily contemporary taste, I can feel myself being pulled into the eclectic. Philip is fighting it big time because I finally got him on board with clean lined simplicity and now I'm trying to convince him that we love all things owls and personalized art and tons of accessories. I am definitely still a contemporary girl, but I also want our home to represent us in the artwork, accessories, and other things that personalize a place. Maybe it's all the Pinterest and Etsy I've been browsing, but I can definitely feel my style beginning to shift. My hope for our house is that is can be contemporary and modern, but have a lot of "us" in it. Our condo was definitely my style, but was missing the decor elements that I hope to bring into this house since we'll be staying here a lot longer.


It seems that most people leaned towards the contemporary although there is definitely some representation into the other groups too! This is good because it means you'll hopefully like what we pick out as we start decorating this crazy house.

What This Means (not an official dictionary or expert definition by any account)

The photos are all from, I just selected the style category and chose from the pictures they provided for that category. I've tried to select photos that are our style from within each category, this way you can see what our style is like and 


To me, eclectic doesn't always have to mean cluttered and unorganized, but rather it contains a lot of visual interest, personality, and a mixture of textures, colors, and patterns. 
The way I see it (correct me if I'm wrong) a modern and conservative interpretation - and one I can get behind - might be the below. It's a mix of styles, colors, patterns to make a still cohesive look but definitely more visually interesting and has a lot going on.

Eclectic Bedroom design by Orange County General Contractor Patterson Construction Corporation


Contemporary and modern are often interchangeable, however, in my mind contemporary is a little bit less cold and can be a more lived in version of modern. To me it is almost like the difference between haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing, contemporary is like modern except more accessible to an everyday home. To me contemporary can also be a lot less cold.
There is also some solid overlap between these categories, for example the above photo is contemporary eclectic in some ways, and there is certainly contemporary country as well.


I think Country is pretty self explanatory, it can be just a little bit rustic, or straight off the ranch. I like this country style photo which is really cozy and sort of reminds me of my brother and sister-in-law's style, contemporary but rustic. 


The below photo is elegant in its glamour and some of the ornate touches. I chose this photo because while it is more ornate and detailed, the decision to stay within a very specific colour palette  makes it more subdued and beautiful.

For the next poll we'd love to hear from you about your blog reading habits, make your vote and feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! We'd love to hear about the blogs you read or write.

Also in the comments, let us know which of the above is your favourite look?

Also if you haven't had a chance to read Philip's post from this morning, you can find it here.


  1. So I was the only "elegant" vote? Where are my Victorian peoples? Who's with me on the supremacy of the Queen Anne style? Nobody? Really? Okay.

  2. oh my goodness...that country one is seriously so gorgeous that it is blowing my mind. Seriously.