Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Productive Weekend: Part Three

You've heard about our closet, you've heard about our Christmas tree, that would have been enough for  a weekend, but we weren't done. 

Part Three: The Curtains

When I wrote out all the parts for this, I put curtains in...but thinking back, I'm pretty sure we didn't finish them last weekend. This is why I need to write posts right when things happen (to put things in perspective the weekend I'm referring to was the 7th-9th). We did start them that weekend though, so I guess it's not too much cheating.

On Friday night when Philip was working on the closet, and Philip's mom and I were setting up the Christmas tree, Philip's dad tried to start on the curtains.

We had great teamwork going on. 

Unfortunately, we did not have the right hardware going on. 

We realized that we hadn't bought the right Ikea brackets, so there wasn't anything we could do at that point.

The curtain story continues on Monday, when I picked up Philip (who now works a block in view of the new Ikea) and we made a pit-stop at Ikea for the correct brackets.

Here is the list of products we used (all from Ikea):

Aina Curtains
Lill Sheers

I am in love with these finials - you can rearrange them to make different patterns...and if we get tired of them I could see painting them different colours for a baby room or something. 

That doesn't include the curtain rods and such which are a bit more boring.

We were able to mount the curtains - after a couple of extra stops at Ikea for the new brackets, then a third bracket after realizing two wouldn't be enough, and a second curtain rod so that we could do a double rod system.

Brackets are up - not the most interesting photo, but it was a progress picture at least. 

They look great! One of the best things is the fact that we have two sets of curtains, it looks so much grander and more expensive, but the second set of curtains including rods and brackets and everything only cost us an additional $13. That is money well invested my friends.

Curtains are successfully up!
I love how the curtains match the lamps (even though I'm not a fan of the word "matching"), and the sheers really add something I think. Can't wait to see the room coming together completely.

All that's left to tell you about is putting the bed together, and the magnificent light fixture. Soon there will be a big bedroom reveal!

Anyone else doing bedroom renovations? Made any exciting Ikea purchases? Beat our record of 4 times to Ikea in the last month?

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