Saturday, 22 December 2012

Here from us for Christmas time...

Our year-in-review, written in rhyme! 
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a veggie platter shaped like a Christmas tree!
Merry Christmas! It is that time of year
to think of the ones we hold most dear.
And since all of you we don't often see,
here's a warm letter from Cass and me!

Tho' some of you may or may not care,
our year in review we'd like to share.
We're simply here to inform and to bring mirth;
our rhymes are no challenge to Frost or Wordsworth.

A lot happened in 2012,
so without more ado, in we delve!

January found us tucked safe and neat
in our condo, with new kitchen complete!
Yet loved still more given winter's barrage,
was the heated underground parking garage.

In February we beat deep winter's blues
by casting off on our honeymoon cruise!
Seven Caribbean days can't be beat,
working out lots to offset "all-you-can-eat."
Cass, with a random other cruise ship in the background.
In March Cass finally got to retire
to pursue many a goal and desire;
As you'll see she's had plenty to do
besides trademarking the phrase "Freedom 22."

In May every year we get carried away
feting 5 family births and Mother's Day!
With all that cake I'd say it's like heaven
but I'm watchin' my weight, now that I'm 27!

July we decided that the time had come
to leave our comfy nest and grow up some.
A condo's a great carefree first home,
but we wanted a house to call our own.
Selling our condo was a hard step, but a step in the direction of growing up.
 We hunted through the homes MLS lists,
and bid on a house, by a lot we did miss!
So on this humble place we also bid low,
And behold, we're owners of this cute bungalow.
Our new baby which, if you read this blog, you're pretty familiar with already.
Before possession we took
We could not overlook
Cassy's twenty-third birthday;
they grow up so fast, don't they?
The newly-minted 23-year old (in a picture from when she was still 22)
And on July 30th we got the key
to our own little house on the prairie.
But before we could get settled down
My parents took us to a much bigger town.

We drove to Chicago, them and us,
to see the Summit live at the start of August.
As well as the few days we had to sightsee,
there we celebrated our first anniversary.
Philip at historic Wrigley Field in Chicago
Immediately upon our return
Our minds did dream and our stomachs churn
At the thought of all we had on our plate
For our house to properly renovate.

In September Cass was back teaching Sunday School,
and we were both learning each hammer and tool,
As we demolished our basement and broke the bank,

Another pricy job as every homeowner knows
Is replacing your old drafty windows.
We had that done too and now hope we will
save a little on our Hydro bill.

With the work was keeping us far from bored,
we wanted a better way our memories to record
from the tough jobs through which we had to slog
so in October we started our very own blog.

you'll find all the words and photos we can share.
Cass updates it each and every day
so leave your thoughts in the comments or just say "hey!"

With November's arrival came another big move;
one of which I did not wholeheartedly approve.
My company moved to the whole other side
of our city, resulting in quite a bus ride!

But now that I'm used to it I hardly mind;
it's a great place to get writing done, I find.
In fact, as you reading this letter to you,
you've seen the benefits of the bus ride too.

But November's highlight by a fair sight
was the glorious afternoon and night
when my brother, Jonathan, filled with pride,
married Jennifer, his beautiful bride.
The Wiebe family at Jonathan & Jennifer's Wedding

December arrived with great fanfare,
Christmas events galore left us with little time to spare,
but with the painting and trimming in the past,
we moved into our master bedroom at last.

This time of year gives all a chance to reflect,
on the blessings we've been lucky to collect.
Like Federated Insurance and a biweekly paycheque
and the coworkers who make it fun in every respect.

Or the family and friends who in our lives share
whom we love and for whom we care.
We rely on you a lot, we hope we're not a pain,
thanks for keeping us from going insane.

And finally to God and the birth of a boy
who is the source of this season's joy;
who brings meaning to every single day,
and whose faithfulness never does sway.

So now that was our year, I hope you've been,
entertained by what you've read and seen.
Here's to the joys we hope to share with you between
now and the end of 2013!

Philip & Cassondra, a self-portrait, 2012


  1. thank you Philip and Cassandra for sharing with us your gift of words. Blessings to both of you.
    Love Delbert & Marianne

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog :). We appreciate it! Merry Christmas!

  2. Cute and clever Philip! Merry Christmas to you both from Vietnam.
    Now that you have the house, you know what the next step is...a pooch of course!

    1. We aren't pet people ;). Have a safe trip home! It was great to see Uncle John & Tante Irene back from their Asian travels yesterday. Merry Christmas!