Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Productive Weekend - Part Two

On Monday, I wrote Part One of the story of our last weekend, which was epic to say the least. You can read about our closet shelving installation here, so that you're all caught up for today.

Part Two: The Christmas Tree

While Philip and his dad solved the closet issues we were having, Philip's mom and I decided to set up the fake tree I inherited from someone in my family (it's still under debate - I think it might have been my aunt's and she gave it to my Oma who then gave it to me). I have never had a fake tree, and neither has my mother-in-law, so we were sort of in the dark as to how to best put it together. 

We got through it, despite initially  missing the middle portion...a pretty important segment. It looked ridiculous, just a top and base, and neither of us having seen the tree set up before were very confused at first. I ended up finding it in the garage, and we got it put together easy enough. 

Then came the lights.

My father-in-law is usually in charge of the lights, and so we were both pretty clueless. My parents had given me their old Christmas lights, and luckily they're clear which is definitely my favourite. I had already retrieved the ornaments from downstairs and set them aside a couple weeks before when we were moving things around, so that part was easy enough. The only problem is that there are only 3 or 4 ornaments of Philip's, and the rest of the tree is all me. I always got an ornament or two for Christmas growing up, and usually still do, so the tree is easily filled by my yearly ornaments.

The last thing was the tree topper, which we didn't have. I had thought I'd just go the next time I was out and get one, but my mother-in-law and I decided that we should just power through. We went to Superstore, which is open 24/7 and it was 1 AM at this point. I picked out a beautiful star tree topper (even though I've always had an angel and so a star feels somewhat pagan - but Philip keeps reminding me of the star in the Bible story), and this one even lights up. It has kind of a rustic vibe with the collection of children's ornaments, the glittery star at the top, and so as a tree skirt I wrapped a cream coloured afghan around that my Oma knit for me. It looks really cute! 

Our First Married Christmas Tree!
So that was the second task we completed last Friday night. It involved some serious tree branch fiddling, some reminiscing, and a 1 AM trip to Superstore for a light up star tree topper (which has now gone on sale for half price I noticed yesterday). 

Does anyone else feel weird changing their tree-topper-traditions (alliteration ftw)? Did your mom give you all your childhood ornaments so that she could start fresh with beautiful matching ones like she's always wanted?

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