Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Slowest Demolition in History

As of right now our bathroom renovation is sort of at a standstill. I've mentioned before, Philip is really busy with drama and so the gutting of the bathroom has taken a back seat. We have, however, achieved some progress and so I'll catch you up.

I'm not sure that we've ever even shared a before picture of this room. So here's a close up at what we were getting ourselves into:

Photo from before we moved in, courtesy of the realtor.

The highlights of this room were the floor with its gold sparkles, and the ivory and chocolate swirl plastic tiles. That's all gone now, and so you can use this picture as a reference when we reveal what we've accomplished.

We started by having a plumber come and do some work because this bathroom actually had no water shut offs, and so since we knew it would be a long project, and because it's a good thing to have, a plumber came and set up shut offs for us. After that, we removed the toilet, sink, and bathtub. Then we ripped out walls.

What's left to do:
  • Take down the ceiling: For some reason we just haven't done this yet. It gets so dusty when we start, and I don't like doing it really because it takes me way longer than it would take Philip just because I'm not really a power tool user and I'm not that strong. 
  • Take down the exterior wall: This wall needs to be done at the same time that we re insulate so we don't get super energy inefficient. 
  • Reconfigure Plumbing
  • Install bathtub
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Paint - we talked about yellow before...I'm also contemplating black. I'm shocking these days, you never know what could happen.
  • Flooring
  • Reinstall everything
I have no idea how long this is going to take us, but we're just trying not to burn ourselves out with everything that's going on lately, so we're taking our time. Hopefully one day we can go to the bathroom upstairs again though. Anyone else at a standstill with a major project?


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  2. Instead of "at a standstill," I prefer to say "Focusing on other priorities." It makes me feel less frustrated.
    On a similar point, instead of saying "Bathroom" I prefer to say "Gross Bodily Functions and Sanitation Containment Area." But that one I like because it rolls of the tongue better.