Monday, 21 January 2013

Extra Bedroom

So along with the bathroom renovation that is heavily delayed but sort of in progress, we're planning to also complete the extra bedroom, which means when we're done the bedroom and bathroom the back of our house is "done". 

We don't really need the extra bedroom right now, but we figured we'd do it at the same time so we don't have an unusable room, and because some of the tasks just make sense to do at the same time.

One of those is drywalling the ceiling. In the master bedroom and office, we patched the air conditioning vent holes ourselves, but this bedroom has popcorn ceilings and so we decided a thin drywall ceiling over top will be easier and look better in the end than patching the circle shaped hole and then emulating some kind of popcorn effect over top of it. 

Since we'll be drywalling the bathroom, we figured we may as well do the third bedroom at the same time.

As this room doesn't really have a function, we'll be putting our guest bed in it, and a vanity desk I have, but we don't really anticipate any guests. All of our immediate family lives in the city, and so no one is really coming to visit over night...but if they do...we're ready. The other eventual function for this room will be a residence for future offspring. 

We wanted the color to be something that would work for all of those possible functions: guests, boy room, girl room. This way we won't have to repaint it anytime soon. Right now we're leaning towards a shade of mint - although by the time we're done the trend will probably be done too. I'm already totally digging 2013's Emerald...we'll have to see where we bring that into the house. 

Here are some mint shades we're currently crushing on, any other ideas? We're definitely open minded to other colors, this just seemed gender neutral enough and guest friendly, as well as just being a color we both really like. 

Definitely enjoying the blue/green of this fresh mint. This is also going to sound dumb, but if it has mint in the title, it is automatically in the favourites column. 

This is more of a pale green shade, but it definitely also tickles my fancy. I would like to bring green into the color palette, as we've already used primarily blue in our bedroom and office. It's nice to stay with some coordinating colors, but I'd really like to expand the horizons to some other colors that complement the blues we've already used.

Which is your favourite? Any other colors you'd suggest? I'd like something cheerful, but not too loud...and something we could definitely accessorize for a certain gendered child when the time comes.

Anyone else picking out paint colors right now? Using the mint trend anywhere in your house? Don't forget to answer the poll before tomorrow!


  1. I like Fresh Mint! On a related note, is it possible to be addicted to two-tone rooms? I love how a feature wall allows us to bring in a more saturated colour... or just a white (that makes the other 3 walls pop even more). I'd start painting tonight but I have to go to Two-Tone Rooms Anonymous.

  2. You definitely are addicted, and my hourly counseling rate doesn't cover too much more of this. You're thinking emerald in here?