Thursday, 11 April 2013

Heritage, Heritage

On Tuesday, I went over to my mom's house in the evening to find a treasure trove of family heirlooms. My mom was going through my Oma's old china as well as my great-grandmother's doll collection. It was a little crazy, the dining room table was covered in china, and when we were done with the dolls, a small section of them looked like this:

My Oma 2 (what we called my great-Oma), started a doll collection and it soon caught on so that when her family or friends would go on a trip they would bring back a doll from that country. She had about 140 dolls (132 spread on the carpet here, plus one that was moldy that we discarded of - ugh - and some Japanese dolls that were set aside for another collection). My Oma had them set out in a china cabinet, and my mom did after that. Some of them aren't the nicest, they're just souvenir dolls - the main thing that's interesting about them is that they're old and they came from all over the world. I couldn't see them part without taking a couple, so I took 4 dolls from Holland that maybe some kiddos of ours can enjoy one day. 

I am not really the sentimental type, and definitely prefer to purge rather than accumulate things that we don't need, but I thought these were kind of special. My family all comes from Holland (actually except for this great-grandma who was from Germany so I guess I'm 1/8 German), and Philip's family is pure Mennonite, and knows a lot more about their past and has carried their heritage forward a lot more. He speaks German, we go to a Mennonite church, but I hope that my kids know they have a bit of Dutch going on too and maybe they'll like these cute dolls!

At the bottom of one box, I also found this print that I thought could look cute in a frame once we do our frame gallery hallway, so it found a place in my bag also. 

Do you have any keepsakes from a grandmother or great-grandmother, or perhaps grandfather? Do you hold on to things like this? We aren't big "keepers" so sometimes I have to fight my urges to throw things away or donate them, because it's nice to have a few special things around that have been passed down a couple of times. 

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