Monday, 12 November 2012

A Monday Morning Lesson in Blogging

Good Monday morning to you all! Today we have a short post, followed by the introduction of a new feature (we'll make you wait with breathless anticipation for that, realizing you can at any time scroll down to find out what it is).

But first, on behalf of Cass and myself, as relative blogging newbies ourselves, allow us to share a quick tip for all those who aspire to write a blog themselves, something we learned this morning the hard way:

Save your posts in more than one place.

Sound basic enough? Well, it isn't always. Sites like Blogger/Blogspot seduce you into using their own word processing utilities by making them so darn simple and being not-always-that-awesome at importing formatting from other word processors like Word.
But then you may run into a scenario where, just maybe, you send the post you spent time refining over to your husband for some last-minute editing, and perhaps he makes an edit and--realizing that he doesn't want to make edits to the original--attempts to undo the edit he just made by using the Microsoft Word shortcut CTRL+Z. And, who knows, what if he mis-hits (I realized this word needed a hyphen when spellcheck suggested something rather rude) the Z and somehow delete all the text.
And, you never know, maybe he doesn't realize that Blogger has its own built in Undo button. And maybe he'll try and close the document before Blogger autosaves, not knowing Blogger autosaves anyway when you hit "Close". And then you get a panicky phone call from your aforementioned husband with the fateful words "It's gone."
Not that that happened to us this morning. Noooo. That would be something that would happen to less experienced computer users than us.
In totally unrelated news, today's planned introduction of Cass' delightful system of organizing our household chores and scheduling regular maintenance here at Grandpa Joe's House will have to wait for the afternoon. We promise it'll be good.

And now, the new feature you've been waiting for... POLLS.

We know that now that U.S. election season is over, everyone's wondering where they'll get their weekly dose of statistics that mean oh-so-much to your daily life, right?
Leave it to GJH to fill the void with--to the right of this post--a new polling gadget.
Actually, we've put it up because we love to hear from our readers in the comments and this will be a great way to get even more interaction with you guys.
This week we're asking what your personal decorating style is. (As you may know from our About Us page, I had a lot of no trouble answering this question.) 
Then, alongside my regular Friday post (for which Cass is still hoping you suggest a better name than TGIP),  Cass will do her best Nate Silver impression and break down the stats and discussing our own answer to the poll question, so we're hoping to get lots of responses from you before then! If the four options available don't dangle your chad (yes, we're stuck in 2000), feel free to add your own individual response to the comments!

On a side note, we've heard some people have had trouble with commenting, if you can tell me what the issue is I'd love to get that figured out because we really like to hear from you! (For instance, let us know what you're using to access our page--PC, Mac, iPad, etc.--and whether you were logged in using a Google account, other account, or posting anonymously.) Thanks everyone, and have a great start to your week!

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