Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sorry Neighbours

Our neighbours are about to lose a great view. We officially ordered living room blinds this week after hemming and hawing for quite a while. 

We were delayed primarily because of the cost. Blinds are really expensive. We started out with a quote from Home Depot that seemed really high so we decided to wait a little longer. Then for Christmas we got some Christmas money that we thought we'd really like to dedicate towards something specific like blinds. 

Our blind quest continued. We decided to get a quote from a local blind company that we thought might be cheaper, but they came in at almost double the price of Home Depot. The other thing that pushed us towards the big box store was that we had some gift cards for Home Depot from our credit card points which made it a substantially better deal to go with Home Depot.

If you aren't familiar with cellular blinds, they're fabric blinds that are made up of little "cells" - you can get single or double celled (we went with single as double is more expensive and better for heat savings which we aren't as worried about as we have a brand new hvac system and windows). Here's an idea of what they might look like:

At first I wasn't a huge cellular blinds person, but after seeing them more and more I've definitely become hooked. I especially like the top-down/bottom-up feature which I think will be especially handy in our living room.

The blinds we went with are cellular's, white in color, and we were able to upgrade to include the top down/bottom up feature, and they'll be cordless. I can't wait to see them! It's really hard to tell in the samples how see-through they'll be and what they'll look like in the window. We'll definitely post pictures!

We ordered the blinds and they should be here in a couple of weeks! Yay to no more fish bowl!

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  1. woohoo blinds! I remember how exciting getting those was after living in a house for 9 months without. What, you mean living in a fishtank isn't enjoyable?