Thursday, 28 March 2013

100 Posts!

Wilt Chamberlain celebrates our
milestone with us, 51 years ago.
We've officially published 100 posts on our blog! That seems like a lot, so we're going to celebrate it. 

Since we started blogging on October 29, 2012 (almost exactly 5 months ago) a number of things have happened:
  • 5.76 Million babies were born! (Welcome one and all!)
  • 2.34 Million people passed away. (Our condolences to the families.)
  • We've had a change in Pope! (Congrats, Catholics!)
  • 159.2 cm of snow fell on our fair city! (Good thing a bunch of it disappeared, or else it would almost be up to my head!)
  • Something called the "Harlem Shake." (And if you haven't heard of it, count yourself lucky!)

We're really excited to hit this milestone, because at times the blog has been a bit of a challenge. (I've definitely almost quit more than a handful of times!) It's hard to keep being vulnerable, sometimes I still feel embarrassed when people talk about it. Philip makes a joke that my dream for the blog is to have thousands of readers I don't know, but none of the people I do know. That's obviously a joke, because I love that our family and friends have been so supportive, but it sure is a lot easier to write these posts from the heart when I don't think about the people I know who will devote a moment in their day to reading it!

It's been a great project for Philip and I to tackle together; we both love writing and this is a fun way to do that as a couple. It's also a great challenge, pushing us to be disciplined with writing every day, coming up with new and interesting content, and hopefully pushing us to get more done on our house. We've had to branch out from house projects a little bit because we don't have limitless amounts of time and money to devote to renovating, but it's also forced us to develop an appreciation for the little things: a drawer better organized here, a small painted canvas there, even a random trip to Urban Barn.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting plans for the blog. We've heard from you iPad and iPhone users about your frustrations trying to comment on our posts, and we're working toward a resolution. As well, we have an exciting series or two up our sleeves. And more than anything, we're looking forward to reporting our bathroom progress (as you'll see from our April's upcoming banner, the weather's finally starting to warm up here in Winnipeg, which means we might be able to embrace our insulation challenges!). And after the bathroom, well, the To-Do list has some exciting things in store!
What would you like to see from our blog in the next 100 posts? Leave your answer in the comments below (or iOS users, go ahead and leave them on the Facebook page).

Quick note before we go: tomorrow is Good Friday, a statutory holiday here in Canada, so there will be no new post. Philip will return with the exciting conclusion to his "(Pipe) Dream Sports Room" next Friday, but you can look forward to another "Sparks and Recreation" this Saturday for your Easter Weekend reading pleasure.

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