Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: Stereo Table for Jonathan

Window shopping is extra enjoyable when I get to look for products I know others are interested in buying. It allows me to shop vicariously through them and saves me money! My brother-in-law Jonathan recently asked me to keep my eye out for a table that he could put his stereo on in the living room. When we first started our blog, we talked about their style as being somewhat contemporary but rustic.

This makes it fun for me, because when I'm out shopping I see things that wouldn't fit into my house because of our style, but that are still wonderful and would maybe fit in more of a setting like theirs. I'll often send them pictures or tell them about something I saw that would fit well in their condo.

For this Window Shopping Wednesday, I thought we'd do some shopping for the stereo table Jonathan is looking for. 

I am digging this Zinc Console Table from Urban Barn, because they already have some dark woods happening in their living room so I don't want to add to that too much. This is definitely up the alley of Contemporary Rustic, however, I don't think it's their taste entirely. It would also be good to find something with some shelves or drawers to hold CDs that they'll use in the stereo. I am unsure about something really closed in though, because the way that the room is set up, it would be in a corner that is right next to their wood fireplace which has their TV above it, so I don't want it to look too crowded and heavy in that corner. Something like this just might work, maybe even with floating shelves above to house the CD collection. 
Keep looking!

This cabinet from Ikea could work, with some baskets inside to store CDs, it could look neat, and conquer the issue of creating a really heavy corner with too much wood going on. I'm still not sure this is their taste, but I think I am identifying some of the issues they will need to think about when choosing a setup for the stereo. Something not too closed in, but still having storage.

Restoration Hardware has some amazing finds, and I had trouble narrowing it down. I think this is simple enough to work, because a table with a stereo on it isn't necessarily something you want your focal point to be (and there are some crazy pieces of furniture there that would be super cool if it was going to be a main conversation piece in the space). It's a lighter wood, and the slats still make it a little bit less solid and heavy. It would also hide the CDs, which to be honest aren't the prettiest things to look at. 

That was a lot harder than I expected actually. I browsed a lot of websites just to come up with 3 different concepts. Another suggestion, and probably what I would want to do - especially when wanting a more rustic look - is going to a local thrift store and finding a dresser or table that you can paint or refinish yourself. It's a one of a kind piece and you get the pride of a job well done. Right now Philip and I have been scoping the local thrift stores every Saturday looking for two different pieces. We'll keep you posted when we find them!

Is there a certain thing you've been shopping for but don't have the time? I'd love to feature it in my Window Shopping Wednesday post. Send me an email at, I'll go shopping for you and give you a few ideas on what you could purchase for the space. 

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  1. I love table one! I hope to go to thrift stores too. Jon is sleeping lol but I'll tell him about it :)