Monday, 4 March 2013

Enabling my Obsession some of you may have realized, I have a scarf problem. Just to help to understand I had one overflowing office paper box full of scarves. Some of which I wore, a lot of which I didn't. For Christmas, my mom bought me a new basket for them (2 of them in fact, one of which was holding plastic bags from the grocery store to be used as garbage bags). This was working, except the basket was pretty big and hard to get down from the shelf, and I found myself mostly wearing the scarves on the top of the bin while the ones on the bottom were left to live a life free of sunshine, being smothered by the scarves lucky enough to grace the top of the basket.

This past week I went shopping with my mom to Ikea, Home Sense, and Costco and came home with some great organizational products that I'll share over the next while, and I'll share some photos from the shopping trip on Window Shopping Wednesday (although this was more of actual shopping and spending money Wednesday), for now, I'll share my recently obtained scarf solution.

I finally purchased the Komplement Mult-use hanger, which can hold 28 scarves! I'm clearly enabling a problem, why would I need 28 scarves?? But anyway....let's ignore that for now and focus on the fact that I can see all of my scarves clearly, wear any one that I want without having to dig, and I love that it lies with its very slim profile on the side of our front closet.

Komplement Scarf Organizer displaying all of my scarves.
Love seeing all my scarves on display.

So that's one area of my home improved in a $10 fix. There are certainly other options out there, like shower rings on a hanger, or other specialty designed scarf hangers...but this worked for me.

As opposed to other Ikea products, this required zero assembly. Just took off the plastic and unrolled, ready for scarves! However, it is a "multi-use" hanger, any suggestions as to what else could be hung? Ties, belts, etc.?

Has anyone else done a quick organizational improvement that was low cost and low work? Leave a message in the comments letting me know what you would use the multi-use hanger for.

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