Tuesday, 5 March 2013

We're Officially Best Friends with Tim Allen

You heard it hear first, we're officially famous. I'm pretty sure famous people usually announce their own fame right? People can't just be expected to know based on the publicity they've received? Anyway...we aren't famous. However, we have been featured on Tidal, as part of Bob Vila Nation. Yes, this Bob Vila.

I chose this video of him because he's visiting Tim Allen...so if Bob Vila visits Tim Allen, and features us as his New Member Monday, I guess that makes us as famous as Tim Allen (my favourite actor as a kid...no joke...who was the female? Kirstie Alley of course...Philip is somewhat ashamed of this, okay fully ashamed). 

I have to admit I didn't actually watch this video before posting...and after publishing I had some time to watch it and have to add this...jean shirts and jean pants?!? Matching?? Bob & Tim...well done.

So, you can read the interview they did with us here. Thanks again to Bob Vila Nation for featuring us. Also, if this is your first time visiting Grandpa Joe's House, a great place to start is the About Us page where you can find out more about the purpose for the blog and some fun facts about us, to stay in the loop on a regular basis, follow us on Twitter or Facebook where we link up our posts daily. 


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    1. Thanks! It happened kind of quickly, we just sent answers and then there it was!