Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday Turned Real Shopping

I had mentioned in Monday's post that my mom and I went shopping last week, here are some iPhone photos that I snapped while browsing at Home Sense. For those who don't know, Home Sense is like Winners but with home stuff. My favourite finds there are furniture and some of the art is pretty great. Tricky though because there usually aren't too many of each thing so you have to snap it up right when you see it. I didn't buy anything there, but did a lot of admiring! I tried to keep my eye out for anything especially interesting. 

This isn't necessarily my style, it's a bit rustic. I loved it though ,
all the drawers were numbered (randomly) and it looked so unique!

This cabinet was very beautiful, it had a hint of sparkle and I might have taken it home
but I think it was a few hundred dollars. 

At some point I may push our dresser side tables together to make a real dresser and then get some lighter side tables like this. I love that it's on wheels and the glass makes it look a lot less bulky. Since our bedroom isn't the biggest I think this would look great on either side of our bed!

I could spend an hour in the pillow aisles at Home Sense. 

I liked how this rug mixed stripes with a more ornate pattern but kept the color simple. 
After Home Sense, we headed over to Costco where I picked up some pantry organizing containers (I'll show them in a post soon once my pantry is all tidied up). From there, to Ikea of course! At Ikea I bought a plastic bag organizer, scarf organizer, under bed storage, and some bag clips. So exciting to buy some organizing products so that we can make the best use of our new space and start making it feel like home. Sometimes it seems like everything is in temporary places, we can hardly keep track. 

What have been your favourite finds lately? Any stores you would like us to feature in the coming weeks? Also if you read anything interesting online this week, send me the link or post it in the comments! We're going to be starting a new series soon which will feature some of the favourite online posts of the week from other sites. 


  1. I love that numbered drawer thing! I think I need to check out home sense.

    1. Yes! If you've never been you should go today! You could probably even find a dresser with small drawers and number them yourself if you were feeling ambitious!