Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sparks and Recreation

We will officially be coming to your web browser 6 days a week! Every Saturday, we'll be sharing links (that sparked our interest - creating that punny title) to some of our favourite web news whether it be blog posts we liked, articles, etc. that we think are worth your time. We tried to keep it pretty balanced, choosing articles that we read in areas relating to home/lifestyle blogs, a marriage article, and an article to inspire and motivate our fellow bloggers. Use this opportunity to also share your favourite links from this past week in the comments! We'd love to read your blogs and get connected in this way. Hope you enjoy visiting some of the articles we recommend, leave a comment on their site too so they know you came to visit!

Bower Power Blog: Photoshop Tutorials

Every week, Katie Bower has been sharing Photoshop Tutorials on her blog. I'm the ultimate failure when it comes to Photoshop and have only just started to use it, on iPhone photos no less so definitely not good quality. She explains some really helpful things though and I've already started implementing a few of her tips! Not this one though, I have enough help in that department. 

Young House Love: Sir (Or Madam) Mix A Lot & Board & Batten 

Technically this was from last week, but we didn't have this series then and I can't resist! We've been thinking about reusing our kitchen trim in the hallway for a look similar to this, but this seems so easy that I might just convert! These kind of blog posts are my favourite, where I am able to gain some confidence to tackle a project that before might have seemed too hard for us beginners. 

Tidal: New Member Monday

In case you missed it, this is the interview that we had on Monday with Bob Vila Nation! Super exciting and fun to be featured on another website. We might be having a few more of these excursions in days ahead, including a guest post to look out for this month. 

Relevant Magazine: Does Marriage Have to be Hard?

Philip's a monthly subscriber to Relevant Magazine, so I check out their website once in a while. I find an article about marriage very refreshing once in a while as a way of reminding us that we have to put work into it even when it's not broken. 

Martha Stewart: 12 Lessons in Outdoor Living

This wasn't particularly inspiring, but I like remembering what it's like to be outside. I honestly can hardly remember what our yard is like under all that snow. Come out sun!

Altitude Summit: Maintaining a Small Blog with Pride

The Altitude Summit website provides great resources for bloggers who can't afford to go in real life (maybe someday!), I'm often motivated to keep going by their articles. You can also take relatively cost-effective courses to learn more about maintaining your blog. 

Is Justice Worth It? 

A great video that Philip found, definitely worth the 2 minutes and 9 seconds. 

That's all for now folks! Remember to link up to your favourite posts to give some fellow bloggers some love, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled next week for some great new features to share every Saturday.

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