Monday, 18 March 2013

Pastels and Egg Shells

Easter is a mere 2 weeks away, and for us it even seems to be coming sooner because a few of our most key family members are going to be on vacation over Easter so we'll be celebrating early with both sides of the family most likely. Pinterest is especially thrilling around holidays I've found, all of the pumpkin flavoured desserts and wreath DIYs around Christmas...and now Easter, with hip new ways of egg dying and Easter mantels. I didn't know people decorated so much for Easter! This year our house is definitely too crazy to host any kind of Easter gathering, but maybe next year. In browsing the internet for ideas, I definitely wanted to get an Easter centerpiece going! Maybe something like this...

Here are some of my favourite Easter decor ideas I've come across lately.

Martha Stewart shows these beautiful egg ornaments, so elegant for Easter eggs!

One day when we have a frame gallery in a hallway somewhere, it'd be neat to switch out some of the pictures seasonally, and at Easter I like the look of this

These cute Easter eggs to use in an Easter advent are such a cute idea for kids. I would even think about doing 40 of them as a Lent/Easter countdown activity with tasks we can do as a family along the lines of Lent. 

This article on Real Simple explains some of the Easter traditions
we've come to know and love. 

If you're hosting an Easter dinner, what a cute way to fold napkins
What are your Easter plans? Ours is a little bit non-traditional this year so far, my parents will be away as will Philip's brother and his wife, so we're having a Friday night Easter games night with my cousins, and potentially having lunch with our friend and his dad. We'll also have Easter with Philip's family but that isn't planned yet. Is Easter a big deal in your household? As Christians, it's one of our major holidays, but my family hasn't always had a huge celebration dinner. As kids we went to my grandparents and had an Easter egg hunt, but as we've gotten older and everyone has their own families it's kind of fizzled out. Glad my sister is planning something though because it's always nice to spend the holiday's with family, maybe we can even relive our days as small kiddo cousins where we'd have an older cousin teamed up with us helping us to find the eggs in the yard to fill our ice cream pails. Those were the days. 

Next Monday we'll share a few more Easter themed ideas as we countdown the days to a beautiful Spring and Easter celebration.

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