Wednesday, 20 March 2013

In My Defense...

Last Friday, Philip had his turn, poking fun at Urban Barn. In order to provide a balanced perspective, it only seemed fair to share the photos we took of some of the Urban Barn products we loooved. Yes, we did feature Urban Barn another time recently, and no, it's not the only place we shop, but we love it! Also, we were too early on our Spring product preview, because they only just released their Spring line and it is fabulous! We're obviously biased as lovers of yellow, and their two feature colors this year are Wasabi (green) and Dijon (yellow), with a base of Charcoal to ground everything. So very Spring-like! 

Urban Barn is interesting, because I feel like it's going through  bit of a style change, as am I. When you first get married and move out, you have to kind of find your style. At least I did. Most of what I like is shaped by what my mom decorated with (she has amazing style and probably should have been an interior designer - we will do a house tour there one of these days so you can see some of what shaped our style), but since moving out I've definitely felt a shift towards things with more personality. Philip loves color, especially as someone in Marketing with a knack for graphic design. The move towards more fun items, and towards color, is leading me towards some of the more fun things that Urban Barn has to offer, and before you know it I might even be buying some of the crazy products Jonathan Adler sells. I would definitely say that my style is easily influenced. Often blogs I read, things I see on Pinterest, etc. can have a big influence on what I like. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm a trend follower, but it definitely happens on occasion. Pinterest can't convince me of all things, I would still say we have contemporary style rather than rustic or country, however I am moving more to the eclectic end of the spectrum. 

Here are some of the great items that Urban Barn has to share in their Spring collection (click this link to view the entire Spring Collection). 

Charcoal base, I love Charcoal...especially when paired with yellow.
You can tell by our wedding invitations! 
Philip made our wedding stationary, including invitations, thank you cards, wine labels, menus, & programs! All with a grey and yellow theme. 

We've been thinking of a clear chair for our small office.
This one is pretty cute, there's also one at Ikea we don't mind. 

I like the graphic pattern of this chair, with the Dijon throw -
it's a match made in grey and yellow heaven! 

I almost always love the placemats & cloth napkins at Urban Barn. These are my new loves, I think they would work for all seasons! Summery with the right table setting, or definitely fall like with settings more in the browns and oranges. 

I don't know if I'm such a fan of the affirmative sayings pillows,
but "Don't Forget to be Awesome" is a pretty good reminder.
Maybe for a wall print?

Color dipping is everywhere these days, I'd be nervous about DIYing it, and the resulting non-dishwasher friendliness. However, I'm thinking of trying this on our martini glasses that we never use (we aren't really big drinkers), it would dress them up in the glass cabinet, and if we used them washing 4 cups wouldn't be the end of the world. 

These cups glow from a distance, they're just 4 tiered cups and up close on their own they look pretty much like normal glass, but from afar they look almost ethereal. 

The numbered items theme is also pretty prevalent these days.
I definitely appreciate a good numbered item. 

A little more rustic than we go for, but spray painted high gloss white?? These squirrels that "press hands" are my cup of tea. 

Yet another set of napkins/placemats that I love. These ones a bit more Spring & Summery. 

Last but definitely not least, this blanket is drool worthy.
If I'm sick and cuddled under a blanket all day - this is what I want to do it with. Mentally adding this to my birthday list (mothers reading this take note).

Disclaimer: We are in no way paid or compensated by Urban Barn for these posts, we just love their products and have yet to find another store that embodies our style so well. Ceramic Gorilla Butts and all - they speak our language. 

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