Friday, 22 March 2013

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This week we're mixing things up a little bit because we've had an insanely busy week evenings-wise and so Philip hasn't had a chance to finish up his post for today. Therefore, we'll share the Saturday post and his post should be up tomorrow (but we'll give him grace if he's still not done). 

For those of you who haven't headed over to our blog on Saturday's, we've been sharing some links to articles and blog posts that we found interesting throughout the week. They range in topic from DIY/house-related, to recipes, to anything that we find interesting and think that our readers might also enjoy. So here goes!

This first link takes you to all the worlds we've grown to love, it shows blueprints for a lot of the apartments/houses of popular sitcoms. Want to see a blueprint of Ted Mosby's apartment? Lorelei & Rory's house? This is where you want to go!

At Making it Lovely this week, Nicole shared some accessories, media stands, etc. to pair together to make a beautiful TV centre. This piece from Target caught my eye because it was so interesting to be a Target item, and pretty reasonable! Target is supposed to be opening here soon, might have to go see if this is still around. I especially like it in Charcoal.

At Our Fifth House, Carmen transformed her dated fireplace into a conversation piece by painting it with chalkboard paint. I'm not sure if I'd be gutsy enough to do it myself, but it looks fantastic!

If meal planning still has you stumped - check out this super informative video where she walks through her weekly meal-planning method. I do something similar, but still have to hone my methods.

Philip has to wake up at 5:30 every day, and while I have a bit more flexibility over my sleep time, I often find myself waking up groggy, in the middle of a dream. This link has you enter the time you need to wake up and it tells you which times you should go to bed so that your sleep cycle won't be interrupted in the morning, leaving you groggy. 

Another Target find over at Mini Manor, but this article caught my eye more with her "One thing in, One thing out" philosophy. If you've read our blog before, you probably know I like to purge. It's so much easier to keep things clean and organized if you don't own a bunch of things you don't use. With Spring Cleaning in full swing, something to keep in mind! (Also if you live in Winnipeg and you're acquainted with us, we're planning for a garage sale this summer that will be open for anyone to join in with us - we don't have enough for a huge sale, so we were thinking we could all pool our resources - something to remember when you're going to purge this Spring!)

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