Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday Posts are Causing Me to Shop an Extreme Amount

We had a post planned for this week, but then went shopping again so I have fresh photos! We were going out to Superstore to pick up some light bulbs for our light fixture switch yesterday, and we decided to take some photos of the great items they have in the home section at Superstore. For you non-Canadians, you're missing out. I go crazy for Joe Fresh, and all of their home stuff is fantastic. We took quite a few pictures, hopefully there will be something here that you can envision welcoming into your home!

I don't like carrots all that much, but I do love these carrot tea towels. Such an easy way to update your kitchen! 

I really like this crisp white ceramic vase. 

These are chalkboard circles. They only cost like 2 dollars and something, so I was thinking of buying them and cutting them into labels for our pantry containers (which I'll post about soon).

They have some nice cheap blankets for our day bed.

Most serious, unhappy unrelated to corn corn holders.

Bright totes! In the kids section, but could definitely be used anywhere. 

Fox Clock!!

So get yourself over to Superstore! Buy some cute stuff from the kids section!

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