Thursday, 14 March 2013

Writers Block

I have a serious case of writers block today, but I really want to keep up with writing every day, so I'm pushing through and I'm just going to keep it real today. I don't have a lot to share, we haven't been doing a lot of home improvements - a lot of it is at a stand still. 

Here's what has happened this week though to keep you in the loop as to where things are at:

1. Upgraded our light fixture - this you saw earlier. This takes our Winter To-Do list to:

Winter 2013 (December-February) 

Plans Plans Plans
Design/Quote Bathroom
Window Coverings
Quote blinds and curtains
Install blinds in living room
Light Fixtures
Replace bedroom/hallway light fixtures
Gut Upstairs Bathroom
Remove mould
Discard wall tiles
Discard bathtub
Discard flooring
Discard sink
Discard vanity/cabinets
Uninstall toilet
Replace window
Discard walls/ceiling
Upstairs Bathroom
Reinsulate ceiling & exterior wall

2. On that last to-do list item, we contacted our electrician who will be coming over tomorrow to give us some recommendations on the order we should continue our bathroom in and what electrical improvements need to be made - some new outlets (only had one non-standard outlet previously), the moving our our "car plug" switch (so convenient next to the toilet!), and installing a ceiling fan at the least. So after tomorrow we should have some updates on where our bathroom is at and what our next steps are.

3. We fixed our blinds, the right most blind was no longer properly retracting. Philip took them all apart and figured out how to fix it...he's getting so handy!

4. Today I signed all the papers meaning I'm a proper part-time working lady starting next week. I also went to my new digs and found out a bit more about what the role will look like. Exciting times lie ahead! 

What has your week been looking like? Any ideas for future blog posts? Feel free to send us an email and we'd love to answer questions, write about things you're interested in, etc. 

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