Monday, 11 March 2013

Change is in the Air

Last week I sat down to write an article about how I'd officially been home from work for a year (I'm not actually sure on the actual date, but I quit in March so sometime around now). A lot of people ask what I do during the day, or why I quit, or what our plans for the future are, so I thought I'd get some of that out to you in a blog post. 

The day after I began that article, I received a few missed calls from my former employer while out for breakfast with friends. After an official year off work, it looks like I'll be going back part-time. Today we find out more information like exactly what the schedule looks like and the wage, but I'm happy to help out a friend and it will add a bit more structure to my week which is a good thing. I've been getting a little bit stir-crazy staying home, especially since house cleaning is not one of my greatest skills, so I think this will be a welcome change. I hope. I'm a little bit nervous about it still because obviously I did quit so things weren't awesome before, but I'm going to be working at the smaller retail store so a bit removed and in a very different role than I occupied last March, and it's a good opportunity for me because I already know most of the job and so there isn't a lot of training and I should be able to just jump right in and get some work done. It will be really nice to have some non-house related productivity in my week. 

I don't think it should impact the blog because it will only be a couple of days a week, but we'll keep you posted. Blogging was one of the things we decided to start as something to give me a bit of a more regimented day and something fun to do each day that isn't washing dishes for hours, so definitely wanting to still keep it up. Just wanted to keep you posted on some of the behind the scenes of our house and what's going on in our daily lives also. So back to kitchens for me then, hopefully this doesn't make not being able to renovate our kitchen for a while even more painful!

Anyone else going back to something they didn't think they would? Making big changes that came out of left field? Thought we were having 10 babies when they read that title? 

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