Friday, 26 April 2013

The Great Bathtub Caper of 2013

I had intended to leave this post room today for Philip, until something unexpected happened about an hour you can tell from the title, it was bathtub heist related. 

Let's start at the beginning...when we were gutting our bathroom, we had loaded up a trailer with some of the discards including the old vanity, bathtub, and some general debris. The trailer wasn't even close to full, so we left it for a bit until we could continue our project and fill it up. Philip was in the middle of Dinner Theater at the time so we didn't have a lot of time for gutting and were taking our time. It turned out it was my aunt and uncle's trailer and they needed it for a project, so they came to get it and we just emptied it out. Next to our garage there's an extra parking pad, and so we just put it there for the time being - like rednecks, we had a bathtub in our back lane now. 

For a few months now, it's rested there safely and securely, waiting for the long awaited journey to the dump. 

Yesterday as we were pulling into the garage, I noticed that the vanity was tipped. Didn't think a lot of it, wind was really gusting that day so just assumed it tipped through a combination of gusting wind and supportive snow melting away. It wasn't in good condition and was headed for the dump anyway so I wasn't worried enough to go check it out. 

This morning, it was soo nice outside, so I went to do a little walk around the yard, especially as I noticed that almost our whole garden is uncovered in the back! Yesterday only about 1/4-1/3 was exposed from under the snow, and now the whole thing is! Anyway...back to the tub. 

All of a sudden I was thinking...there's the tipped vanity...but where is the tub?? 

I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure someone stole our back lane dumpster bound bathtub. This is hilarious to me. I don't know why. It was peach colored  peeling, been outside in the Winnipeg Winter elements for a couple of months, and really really heavy. How did they pull this off without us noticing? 

We don't really mind, it actually saves us a trip to the dump because the rest of the stuff has been tagging along in the garbage bin each week as it fits, and this was the main big thing to get rid of. I wish they would have knocked on the door and asked, we would have easily let them have it for free and could have made a new neighborly bond out of it. Now instead we know there is a weird bathtub stealing neighbor on the loose! 

I'm happy for them though. They got a free tub, they're probably feeling pretty triumphant. I hope they're going to use it for something cool, like a super ugly backyard planter, or a toboggan! I hope that each time they use it they feel joy at their back-lane find. 

Thank you neighbors for saving us a trip to the dump, next time knock, if you're into weird old bath tubs we probably have some other neat stuff that would tickle your fancy...we could have been friends.

I hope this really strange Friday post was enjoyable to you, this stolen bathtub has brought me a lot of laughs today and I just thought I'd pass them on.

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