Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: Wardrobe Update

I don't know what it is, but I'm having a serious craving for a wardrobe upgrade. When I look in my closet in the morning I'm not seeing anything too exciting. It could be because Winter clothes have been out way too long and the switch to Summer will be enough to make my closet pleasing again, but I think I could use a few new items. 

Yesterday I started making a list of clothes to start keeping an eye out for. 

Jeans - I only have one pair right now and I don't care for them so have mostly been sticking to some of my more legging type pants.

Flats - Right now I only have one pair of nice flats, and since Philip is a bit shorter than me it would be nice to sell some of my fancy heels and trade them in for something more practical (getting old). 

Shorts - Again, only have one pair. I used to hate shorts and so I resisted buying them but I've started liking them a lot more and could use another pair.

Blousey Tops - I'm going crazy for these, so stylish and put together but super comfy. 

Blouse from The Gap

Cardigan - My Christian school upbringing and dress code has somehow managed to crush the idea that shoulder skin is scandalous into my brain and so I could use an extra cardigan to wear with some of my Summer tank tops. 

New Glasses - Getting tired of this pair, so going to make a visit to Zenni Optical soon, eye appointment next week and then with perscription in hand I can find a more stylish pair.

Glasses from Zenni Optical...I'm not sure if these are the ones I'll get, but something like this maybe?

Headbands - My headband feels like a vice on my head sometimes it is so tight, could use a couple more that are maybe a bit more cozy (is there such a thing?).

There's one more item that I don't need at all, but will likely buy. I go crazy for dresses, especially Summer dresses. They're so beautiful, comfortable to wear, and can be dressed up or down. The Joe line of Spring/Summer dresses are amazing this year! I haven't tried any on yet, but when I do, I have a feeling a couple might land in my cart unexpectedly. 

Where do you normally shop for your closet staples? You'll likely see me browsing Joe at Superstore (cheap and cute), The Gap, Espirit, and The Bay, oh and of course Winners. I certainly like to check out more interesting stores like some of the shops around Osborne (Hush, Out of the Blue), some other stores in the mall like Dynamite, Aldo, Forever 21, BCBG. Hopefully I'll be able to carve some clothing allowance out of the kitchen savings because I'm feeling a little stir crazy with my wardrobe right now. Yesterday I went through one drawer and got rid of a few of the more tattered or disliked items, making room to see the items that I actually like to wear. 

Have you been feeling tired with your wardrobe come Spring also or am I alone in this?

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